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Commission-tastic Christmas

StarbucksCupSo many commissions to do lately which is fabulous, thanks to everyone who has ordered an original Edinburgh Sketcher piece as a gift this year.

I’m off this lunchtime to my usual haunt, a wee table in a warm coffee shop. You may see me scribbling away, photo propped up on a full coffee cup, pens and waters colour paints laid out on the table.

For those who haven’t ordered a commission but would still like to give the gift of Edinburgh Sketcher art, I am creating some vouchers to buy.

Email me at contact@edinburghsketcher.com for more information.

Old and new

I have been spending some time at Edinburgh’s Royal Hospital for Sick Children, or Sick Kids recently as my wee boy recovers from a bump to the head (All is going well, thanks). Across the green space that is the meadows there is a cycle and walk way that climbs the hill from the park towards Lauriston Place, through what used to be the Royal Infirmary.

My sketch shows the new development, including a Starbucks, and the old Infirmary buildings on the right which I presume are being developed into flats?