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BBC at the Edinburgh Festivals

BBCsign_TwinsUntil this Sunday 24th August you can visit the BBC@Potterrow for family fun, live shows and festival highlights.

Check the link below to see what is on offer each day but within the ‘festival garden’ (next to Bristo Square) there’s bags of free stuff to experience. The Sketcher twins had a great time producing musical notes with fruit and vegetables, completing a huge jigsaw and even just sitting in a huge pink tent.


The biggest excitement and probable memory of the afternoon though was this huge sequined BBC sign which shimmered and shone across the garden, and provided a great backdrop for many a parent taking pictures of their kids 🙂


See what’s on below or just head along and chance your luck like we did, great for families it is free and interactive.


BBC – Edinburgh Festival website



We’re all going to the…

ZooSignZoo, zoo, zoo! The sketcher family visited Edinburgh Zoo today, quiet at this time of year,and no queues to see the giant pandas.

We had a lovely time, despite the showers. The indoor exhibits were quiet and we could get close to the animals snuggling together behind glass.  As usually for my two the squirrel monkeys were a favourite. The meerkats were all hiding but the giant pandas, usually too busy to see us were very welcoming. They even woke up to say hello!!


I recommend if possible becoming a member for a year. We decided to join this year as this is the final one the twins will be free to get in. It’s great to be able to go in to a few things and not feel like you have to do the whole thing, as you can return another day.


This sketch is black ink with added pencil crayons, incidentally bought in the gift shop by TwinOne 🙂



  • Edinburgh Zoo website