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Wardie Bay

A family walk down the front at Granton and the small beach which lies between the break water and Granton Harbour.

I live just up the hill from here and have often wanted to sketch the colourful houses which line the curved road, looking out to the Forth.

This drawing I drew during the lock down due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and so took a photo and worked on it form home.

You can see a timelapse of me sketching the piece below, and if you would like to buy a print or the original then get in touch. Prints start at £18 and the original which measures approx 240mm x 180mm is £45.

A speeded up version of my sketch being created

The Shore, Leith with India ink

A time-lapse video of myself painting The Shore in Leith using a brush and black India ink.

My India ink sketch shows Edinburgh’s beautiful docks in Leith, and this stretch of gable ended houses line The Shore, and area of restaurants, cafe’s and pubs. Perfect for a late afternoon summers walk.

Using the India ink with a brush allows for a wide range of strokes and with a little added water a dilutted lighter hue can be achieved for shading.

Below is the scanned painting, prints of which can be bought in a mount in two sizes. 150x100mm for £18 and 290x200mm for £32. Drop me an email HERE is you would like a print.

TheShore InkPainting

Illustration painted on watercolour art paper with India ink.