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The wonderful Highland Show

It’s almost a month ago now but I remember this years Royal Highland Show as if it was yesterday, the Sketcher family and I had a great time.


RHS14_Forestry1Here are all my sketches from the weekend. I love to take the kids along, it is a glimpse of another world for them and a great education to learn more about where their food comes from and the wonderful world of UK farming.


Just to name a few things I remember a month on: we saw huge scary cows, and miniature goats; sat in lots of tractors, watched sheepdogs herding ducks, saw giant eagles and men climbing towering tree trunks; met some lovely stall holders and amazed at their hand crafted creations, we saw sheep being judged and horses leaping fences, watched as horseshoes were shaped and fitted, and ate some delicious Scottish burgers.


Looking forward to next year!




The Royal Highland Show website


Sketches from a farmhouse

Good morning one and all from West Lothian, the sketcher family are currently house-sitting a farmhouse close to Linlithgow. We are looking after a couple of horses and three cats for a week and loving the peace and quiet of a break in the country, just half an hour from Edinburgh.

These watercolour sketches are from a walk around the grounds yesterday, the sheep are from the farm next door and the horses, Ben and Flora we are looking after.

I was trying to get a little practice drawing animals as I’m off the Royal Highland Show this weekend.

Unfortunately I was caught in a rain shower whilst drawing the horses above and the page got quite wet, it makes for an interesting effect though. I re-inked the black lines once the page was dry.

Let’s hope we get some sunny spells at the Highland Show, although all sketches both soggy or dry will be posted here 🙂