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Giving thanks to my trainers

I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed, busy and anxious lately. Not one thing to blame but getting out and getting a little exercise this morning has helped.

Just a little jog but I think it’s easy to get a little round up if you don’t let go.

Below are a few photos of the sketch coming together. I have never noticed the subtle stripes on these trainers before. Sketching something really makes you stop and take in what you are looking at. Good for the soul, or should that be sole 🙄🤣

I do have a handful of other jobs I should be doing but I think it is important to take time for yourself now and again.

I always say in my workshops, don’t forget about the final layer of shadow. Makes such a difference and gives a grounding to your drawing. 

Records smashed on the old railway this morning

Running Kit May2018This morning I enjoyed a jog along the many cycle paths in north Edinburgh and Leith.

I started the new year with a new exercise routine, jogging a few times a week along some of the old railway paths that criss cross north Edinburgh’s streets, providing a hidden away peaceful and nature filled route along to Leith, or to the West and out the Queensferry.

I started with the excellent Couch to 5k podcast from BBC radio, which guided me through couch potato to 30minute plodder over the last three months. I now use the Nike+Run Club app which tracks my progress with live pace updates and GPS distance counters so I know exactly when I beat my PB like I did this morning 😉

And yes I know I am not going to break any real records, just keeping moving for the entire 5k is enough for me right now!!

The above sketch is of my phone, cap and ear phones. Essential kit. 

BBC Couch to 5k podcast

Nike+Run Club app

Running beneath the traffic on the old railway

Old Railway pathThe North Edinburgh cycle paths are a lifeline for commuters, dog walkers and all those out for a traffic free hit of exercise.

I have recently started running and am finding these traffic free sketches of tarmac a real blessing, they make up many interesting circuits around north Edinburgh and have the added advantage of being relatively flat.

When I worked near Holyrood I often used these paths on my bike and now how busy they are with Edinburgh’s commuters in the mornings and evenings. So thanks must go to the council who have kept these routes clear during the snow storms of late, indeed they have been much safer to run/walk along than the pavements during this last week.

Old Railway pathphoto

If you are interested in getting started running I could not recommend the BBC One You Couch to 5K app enough. Exercising for around 30 minutes three times a week you start off walking more than you run and gradually over nine weeks decrease the walking and increase the running. And the feel good factor after each session really is addictive!

BBC One You Couch to 5K website.