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The EU referendum

VoteRemainToday the United Kingdom votes on whether to stay part of the European Union.

Which ever side you are on I believe it is important to make your voice heard and vote in the referendum. For me it comes down to unity and working together to create something better.

But don’t listen to me, I can hardly draw a star! Be sure to do your own research make your vote count, you have until 10pm on Thursday 23rd June.


This sketch was created using black ink fine liner and watercolour paint. 

Sketching an Indyref debate at the Devil’s Advocate

DA_FullRoomLast night I entered the Indyref debate as an event sketcher for The Devil’s Advocate bar in Edinburgh’s old town.


I stood in their candle lit mezzanine dinning area surrounded by invited politicians, scientists, writers, creatives and curators, listening to their passionate conversations, opinions and theories about this most exciting of times in Scotland.


Here are my sketches from an interesting evening in Edinburgh’s historic old town.

DA_BeforeDebateDA_EuanMcGrory DA_BarRoom DA_DevilsAdvocate


The Devil’s Advocate Bar and Restaurant