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And the rain fell

rainToday was a bit of a wash out in Edinburgh. But not so online for EdinburghSketcher as this sketch went Edinburgh-viral on twitter and facebook, even trending in Edinburgh as it was shared and spread around the net.

It’s funny what appeals to folk online and I think the sketch summed up what alot of people where looking at from their windows. Thanks to everyone who shared the image and for those who have asked if it for sale as a print then the details are below.


I’ve been asked if the popular Edinburgh rain sketch from this morning is available as a print, and now it is: A high quality print, on fine art paper, roughly 280x200mm in size is available for £14 plus pnp.

As with all prints from EdinburghSketcher they will be limited to 100 copies and each one will be signed and numbered. Email me at contact@edinburghsketcher.com to order your copy.

A rainy Royal Mile

I was in town yesterday with my brother, his wife and their child, Raymond, seen here in the pram. The rain was relentless but it didn’t stop us having a great day looking around the Old Town.

We were watching a young busker here entertaining the crowd with a guitar, after which we headed down the Mile to the Museum of Childhood. It’s a great place for reminiscing and even better it’s free and dry! 🙂

More info on the museum here: http://www.edinburghmuseums.org.uk/Venues/Museum-of-Childhood.aspx

Rain in the city

Morning sketch fans, more rain showers forecast for today across the city so I thought I’d draw a photo I took from the bus a couple of weeks ago when a monsoon like downpour hit Edinburgh. Here we are at the top of Leith Street turning onto Princes Street, before heading left on to the North Bridge.

Have fun dodging the showers today 😉

Anyone know who the statue of the horse and rider is for…?