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The Car In Front

Inspired by recent crazy rainfall we have been having in Edinburgh recently this is a drawing from a photo taken yesterday in the torrential rain as I travelled through the city.

A quick sketch to warm me up before the days work. Often I like to do a speedy doodle in my sketchpad before beginning on commissions. This morning I remembered this photograph which captured the seemingly never ending rain that has been falling lately.

I love the way the droplets of water distort the view, spreading the light and changing the shapes we know so well.

Bonus WhereArtI points if you can name the street I was sitting in!

Reflections of Edinburgh Fringe

This is the Teviot Row House, one of the student union buildings at the University of Edinburgh and throughout the Fringe Festival, the Gilded Balloon.

The building has eight performance spaces, eight bars, and a café and is the oldest purpose built student Union building in the world, having been opened in 1889.

As the Gilded Balloon each year in August the building is a showcase for comedy and performance arts.

I drew this sketch whilst waiting for a show at The McEwan Hall and the rain had just fallen, giving great reflections of the pink branding. It was drawn in my small landscape moleskin over two pages which is why it is so tall.

The Gilded Balloon website

Rain on Morrison street

This week I had a couple of meetings in town and took cover from the sudden downpours we have been experiencing recently.

This sketch is drawn on Morrison street from the Pronto coffee bar looking over the busy junction to the striking Scottish Widows building.

I tried to capture the falling rain and wet sandstone on the buildings, and the many office workers rushing around with umbrellas shielding them from the heavy rain.

I do like drawing people holding umbrellas, I’m not sure why. Perhaps its because I don’t have to deal with their faces! It is a great way of setting the scene, along with a few reflections on the ground you can quickly show how the rain is soaking the street.

This sketch was drawn with a fine liner and watercolour wash on location.

Rain falling on the windscreen in Edinburgh’s New Town

RainonHanoverAs the rain continued to fall today I sketched from my car.

Sitting looking up towards Hanover Street and Goeorge Street I watched the traffic merging with the pipples of the rain falling down my windscreen.

Shortly after sketching this I realised the rain wasn’t going to stop so made a dash for my destination. I was delivering completed commissions all around Edinburgh, Christmas presents ready to be wrapped and hopefully open once the rain has stopped and the snow has fallen!

Sketch made in my car with ArtGecko SketchPad and new water brushes from Crafter’s Companion

A very wet day in the capital, perfect weather for a new umbrella

ScottMonument BrollyThe rain hasn’t stopped pouring down today in Edinburgh, and thoughts go to a Scottish must have: The brolly.

Together with wallpaper and lampshades I have always thought my black line art work would look great on an umbrella, especially with the artwork showing through to the inside, and what better a shape to fit on each panel but the Scott Monument on Princes Street.

What do you think, should I go into production?

Painting Portobello in April showers

PortobelloBeach_noprintToday I visited Portobello promenade, a great place to take a stroll along the seaside and feel the sand under your feet.

Unsettled is a good word for the weather, glorious sunshine against dark skies followed by brief showers of cold rain. I sketched from the beach between showers to create this piece which includes drops of rain and grains of sand.

This piece is drawn on 220gsm paper with black ink and watercolour. It measures 250x160mm and is this months never to be printed original sketch, for sale for £150 in a mount or £175 in a frame. 

Contact me at contact@edinburghsketcher.com to purchase this one off sketch, first come first served. 

Below are a couple of photos from the beach.



Reflections on the Royal Mile, Edinburgh

ThreeRedBoxesThe rain in Edinburgh doesn’t usually last long, often drying up for strong sunshine and glimpses of rainbows spanning the city.

Days such as these are great for drawing reflections outdoors, the sunshine kept me warm as I drew this strong reflection of the three red telephone boxes on the High Street.


Head out next time the rain starts and try and capture a mirrored image. Of course you have to be quick  as the showers will return!


This image and most of my sketches are available as signed, mounted high quality prints from just £18. Visit my SHOP for more information.

Driving rain

TrafficRainOn the bus this morning and thoughts can’t help drifting to the missing 3 year old boy, Mikaeel Kular, last seen on Wednesday evening at his home in Drylaw, Edinburgh.


As I stare into the distance and hope for good news and Mikaeels safe return to his family I suddenly focus on the rain drops running down the number eight’s front window.


I remember from my media studies course about how on TV or in the movies bad news often comes with rain or storms, the ‘sympathetic atmosphere’. Thankfully the same rules don’t apply in real life, and I hope and prey that good news will emerge today and young Mikaeel will be found safe and sound.


The police have a dedicated number to call if you have any information: 0300 200 0200 

and website where you can find the latest information: http://www.scotland.police.uk/whats-happening/news/2014/january/206076/


Foodies finale

FoodiesFestival2013a FoodiesFestival2013b FoodiesFestival2013cThe sketcher family had a great day at Foodies Festival, such a happy vibe around the place. The sun shone, most of the time, and the food and drink were excellent, as were the performers entertaining us on stage. My foodie highlight was a pulled pork sandwich (on gluten free bun) and some Sheppy’s West Country cider to wash it down. Perfick.

I managed three sketches in between the two downpours, and during in the last one. It was great to see all the family too and have a catch up over a drink and listening to some live music. Happy days.


Rain hiding…

coffeepaper2Ducking out of the torrential rain today I took refuge (and a delicious cup of coffee) at Cafe Truva on the royal Mile. This place is fast becoming my new coffee local, great beverages and views of the comings and goings on the busy High Street.

Although this afternoon the road was more a river as the heavens opened and thunder clapped above. I was caught without pad but undeterred I sketched my cuppa on today’s Edinburgh Evening News. The classified pages made a great doodle space 😉