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A peaceful wander around Inverleith Park

Inverleith Park in the North of the city has been a favourite walk of mine for many a year, and the pond at the bottom a great place to sit and watch the city.

Not far from my home sits this park which I have jogged and cycled and walked around so many times. My children learnt to ride their bikes here, and before that my wife and I would push their buggy to the coffee van.

It’s a slight divertion well worth taking on the way into town, and it has many great views. The disney palace, the city skyline and this one of peace and calm across the pond.

These sketches are available as both prints and merchandise and also in some cases as original artwork. If you can’t find a particular item in my shop then you can contact me at contact@scotlandsketcher.com

Spring has sprung with the colourful crocuses popping up all around Edinburgh

Crocuses VictoriaParkSigns of Spring: Lighter in the evenings, feeling warm in sheltered sunshine, and multicoloured crocuses flooding the capitals green spaces.

I love this time of year, although I love most times of the year in Edinburgh. I think it is the change I like, just when you have had enough of one season another comes along to brighten the mood and make you see yor surroundings in a new way.

Especially in Scotland, where we often get many seasons in one day of course!

These crocuses were drawn in Victoria Park on Ferry Road in Edinburgh, with a black fine liner with a quick watercolour wash over the top.

The warmer weather is making me want to sketch outdoors more and more, check out my Sketching Days page for outdoor workshops coming soon where you can come along and draw with me.

Afternoon reflections on Edinburgh windows

treerefelctions1Yesterday I was near to the Meadows park in Edinburgh’s South Side when I noticed the beautiful reflections on the tall tenement windows.

As the sun began to set over Edinburgh’s central park, the houses that run around the edge shone with a beautiful gradient of colours, with dark angular shapes showing the mighty trees hanging on to their final leaves.

Often wen sketching, knowing when to stop can be a difficult task. An over worked line drawing can look too dark, messy and leaving the white areas can be just as important as marking the dark. Adding colour can be the same, often I add watercolour to the whole image only then wishing I had left more white to show the contrast.

So on this sketch I asked social media, should I add colour to the sandstone or leave the sketch with only the window panes coloured?

If was a close thing with the ‘leave it like it is’ option winning 22 : 18.

So here it is once scanned. I like the fact the windows are highlighted by being the only part coloured in, sometimes it is good just to step back from the picture and leave it for a while. You can always come back to it later.

This sketch was drawn on location with a 0.3 fineliner and watercolours.


Pen and Ink on Queens Drive, Edinburgh

arthursseatroadRecently I was commissioned to draw this view from Arthurs Seat, as Edinburgh emerges from Queen’s Park as you drive/walk/cycle around the city’s extinct volcano.

I am often asked what is my favourite view of Edinburgh and this is always in my top five (the favourite changes constantly depending on where I have been sketching) as I love the way the city opens up as you climb and turn the corner.

A must see and a great cycle in the centre of town Queen’s Drive climbs and circles Arthurs Seat, passing Dunsappie Loch before being rewarded with this fantastic view.

Sketch drawn on location in black ink. Commissions start at £65, email me at contact@edinburghsketcher.com for more information.

Arthurs Seat on Historic Enviroment Scotland website


New pens for a familiar sight of Edinburgh Castle from Inverleith Park

Castle from InverleithParkWhat better view to test out some new Chameleon blending pens than that from Inverleith Park across Edinburgh.

Recently I pedalled along to Inverlieth Park in the north of Edinburgh to try out some new colour pens. I had been asked to create a wee workshop or step by step guide to using the new blending pens which use alcohol based ink and a mixing chamber of toner to blend the markers colour as you draw.


They take a bit of getting used to but can achieve amazing results. Basically you start drawing with an almost a white shade of your chosen hue and then over a few seconds the pen turns darker and a more true colour is achieved. See the link below at Cut Out + Keep for my full tutorial and step by step guide to using the pens.


Cut Out + Keep website

Chameleon Pens website

Spring beckons as crocuses appear around Edinburgh

VictoriaPark_CrocusesAt this time of year signs that spring and then summer are on their way are very welcome.

This week I’ve been noticing more and more the parks and cities green spaces have been exploding into colour as firstly the snow drops and now the crocuses and daffodils come into their own. Over the coming weeks the colours will only intensify and Edinburgh Council has to take some of the credit in making our city look so beautiful at this time of year.


The above sketch on Victoria Park in North Edinburgh was drawn between showers on a bright, cloudy, wet and sunny day in the capital. Enjoy the colour and energy of the current floral display, and why not try and capture it in a watercolour sketch?

Doodling from the Quartermile

QuartermileAlleyA quick black and white sketch from a favourite area of mine for sketching.

Quartermile is the marketing name given to the mixed use redevelopment of the former Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh site,  overlooking The Meadows. Now home to many luxury apartments and swanky restaurants the area is a mixture of stunning modern architecture and equally beautiful original Royal Infirmary buildings.


This and the park in close proximity makes the area a great place to sketch. In this one I havve caught the old on the left, the new on the right and in between the park and the trees.


Quartermile website


Added colour to a walk in the Meadows

WalkMeadowsA quick sketch from Edinburgh’s city centre green space with added digital colour.


I had a lovely if chilly walk through the Meadows park today on the South side of Edinburgh. Long tree lined walkways criss cross the city centre green space. It’s a great place to idly wander in the peace and quiet.

Just remember to stick to the pedestrian side of the main North/South thoroughfare through the park, a near collision from one of the cyclists on the other side soon woke me from my daydream!!

Sketch a memory of Edinburgh

ArthursSeatHouseA recent commission carries memories of Edinburgh over the Atlantic.


This is one of my commissions from the run up to Christmas. A couple who had recently moved away from Edinburgh to a new life in the States wanted a sketch of their flat, along with the stunning view of Arthurs Seat which they were lucky enough to enjoy daily.


In my opinion a drawing can easily fill with emotions, in a way a photo can not. Perhaps through the lack of every detail the mind becomes connected, filling in the gaps and drawing on memories of personal experiences.


If you would like to commission a similar drawing of your Edinburgh memory, or that of a particular house or view then drop me a line and we can have a chat. contact@edinburghsketcher.com


Here is the sketch in it’s new home, beautifully framed…