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big feardy

It was a bit windy today, and still is by the looks of it so I left the two wheeler under the stairs and headed to work via the number 8 bus. One thing the bus gives you is sketch time. I sat right at the front and concentrated on the corner looking out of the window.

Time flies when your wanting just a few more minutes, and before I knew it we’d turned past The Balmoral and onto the North Bridge. Time to ring the bell.

Ticket to ride

With my bike still in need of repair I travelled to work on the @on_lothian number 8 bus this morning. I hope to take the bike into Bicycle Works this weekend, thanks @cocteautriplets for the recommendation.

With journey time on my hands I was looking round for something to sketch, and decided upon a couple of tickets I found in my pocket. By the time I looked up again the bus was just reaching the top of Broughton Street. Sketch done.

Enjoy your Friday everyone. 🙂

Sleepy journey

A bus ride sketch today, with this being the shortest day of the year I thought I should grab the chance to sketch while I could.

The view from the top deck was a little different last year though, the weather is certainly much milder. Have a look in the last gallery page above to see last years doodles.

Here is a link to one of views from the bus journey, this time last year; cars and hedges heavy with snow.  Use the arrows left and right to see more sketches in the snow.