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East Market Street Moon

Up in town to see a new retail space which may soon be stocking my merchandise, and I spotted the moon still high in the sky.

I used to have work in a gallery which has unfortunately since closed, it was one of the East Market Street Arches which were reopened up as retail spaces in 2016. Here is a sketch I made at the time:

I was back this time to see a new shop within the Waverley Market which will hopefully soon be stocking ES merchandise but of of that in due course.

This sketch was drawn from my car looking to the currently covered in scaffolding) North Bridge. Did you spot the bus crossing the bridge?

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Captain’s Bar, South College Street Edinburgh

CaptainsBar_PubHello sketch fans, I hope you are all having a lovely Friday afternoon.

If you are heading out for a drink or two tonight have a fun and safe evening. I wonder if any of you will be going here, the Captain’s Bar in South College Street, just off North Bridge.


I havent been myself and it was closed as I sketched, I just love the detail in a pub font. The posters, hand written black boards and chained up bicycle. Have a great weekend 🙂

View from the bridge

NorthBridgeView1Tonight’s sketch is actually from a couple of days ago. I was waiting for the number 8 bus home and had a few minutes to wait, not enough to sketch but too many to waste.

So I thought I’d start a sketch, one that should grow into a view from the North Bridge, across the Waverley train station to Princes Street.

So day one and a few minutes into the sketch you can see the Scott monument. Day 2 will be the next time I’m waiting for the bus home, and have a few minutes to spare.

Gluten free, afternoon tea

Yesterday I was lucky enough to sample the new gluten free Afternoon Tea on offer at the luxurious Scotsman Hotel on Edinburgh’s North Bridge.

As a ceoliac I know the frustration of having my choices limited on a menu, usually having a my selection made by the ingredients used rather than what I feel like eating. There was no such disappointment yesterday afternoon as everything on the pretty three tier tower of delicacies on offer were all free from wheat.

Together with Genius, the company who supply Starbucks with their gluten free bread, the Scotsman Hotel have created a menu wide ranging selection, from the various sandwiches on the bottom deck through the chocolate and ginger cakes right up to the maccaroons on top, and all were delicious, even for my non ceoliac wife.

The hotel itself is gorgeous inside,  I hope to return soon to sketch the interiors. So whether on a gluten free diet or not head along there now for some yummy afternoon bites in beautiful surroundings.

For more about The Scotsman Hotel click HERE, and for more on Genius click HERE.


Watching a boiling kettle?

I’m waiting for a bus, or I was when I started this wee sketch of the display screen at the bus stop on the North Bridge.

9 minutes to go until the next number 8 it reads, and even though I continued to stare at the screen, unlike the proverbial kettle that never boils,  the bus did arrive 9 minutes later.

A great piece of technology being able to track @on_lothianbuses this way, and online too – it’s a great time saver. See here for more a link to their website.


Colour on the Balmoral

My sketch of The Balmoral looking over the North Bridge, this time coloured with a couple of pencil crayons, and scanned. I have kept two just two hues to keep the image simple, and stylised.

This view shows the rear of The Balmoral hotel, the front opens onto Princes Street. The clocks on the top of hotel all run five minutes fast, thought to be so Edinburgh business men and women don’t miss their trains! I’ve been grateful of those extra five minutes many a time rushing to work.