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A beacon of light

As the new year starts I feel a certain de ja vu with vaccinations being offered around the country as the new variation of Covid continues to spread.

Thanks must be given to NHS workers once again as they continue to man the clinics, pop up centres and drive through vaccination locations.

I was in Ocean Terminal this week and noticed this previously French Connection unit being used as a walk in vaccination centre. The sky outside was dull and inside the shopping centre had a darkness apart from these bright windows, and the festive decorations.

Let’s hope the rest of the year looks a little more like ‘normal’ than in 2021.

I do like to zoom into my sketches and blow them up so below is a close up of the queue into the centre.

The link below has all the information about where you can get your booster or third vaccination in Scotland.


Edinburgh Skyline in Rainbow

My lock down influenced rainbow sketch of Edinburgh’s iconic skyline.

I had previously added a rainbow to my Leith Shore print, which you can see HERE but for this week thought about drawing a sketch from the start with rainbow colours.

This view is the iconic capital skyline featuring Edinburgh Castle and the clock tower of the Balmoral hotel on Princes Street.

I started with a pencil sketch of the skyline and then from that top edge drew a block of watercolour down the page.

After leaving to dry I then started added darker washes of each colour to pick out the shadows in the photo. With each darker layer the painting gained more depth.

You can currently buy the original painting which is 297x210mm for £150, which includes recorded delivery. Plus 20% for this sale goes to the NHS Lothian Covid-19 Appeal. More info HERE

Also you can buy prints from £20 from my Etsy shop HERE, with 10% from all print sales of this piece going to the NHS Lothian Covid-19 Appeal.

Ingenious rainbows to coincide with World Book Day

Another fantastic idea for adding colourful rainbows to your windows for those to see on their daily walks.

I posted last week about the rainbows currently popping up in peoples windows to give thanks to those working during the Covid-19 lock down and how I love to see them when out.

This one is made of a stack of books in one of our neighbours windows. I had spotted it last week and then went looking for it again so I could photograph and make this sketch.

Just by a strange coincidence it happens to be World Book Day today also, which makes it doubly fantastic! I know for my children, now 9 years old that books are a huge part of their lives and especially at the moment they can provide an escape from the lock down.

Stay home and stay safe everyone.

Giving thanks during the lockdown

Rainbows bring colour and hope to neighbours windows during the Covid-19 pandemic.

During the current Covid-19 lock down when everyone stays at home apart from our daily walk for exercise it is wonderful to see so many rainbows in peoples windows.

I think the rainbows in windows idea started as a fun game for children to spot the decorations on their daily walks but has now become a way of saying thank you to NHS staff and key workers who our going out to work, putting themselves at risk to look after those who need care.

When I am out on my walk with my family I know the colourful windows really lift our spirits during this strange time when a lot of what we take for granted, like seeing loved ones and having a day out are no longer possible.

I wanted to capture a few of these with my sketches and put them up on my virrtual window, for a lot more people to see. I will try and do a few more and I hope you like them and they make you smile 🙂