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Doodling from the Quartermile

QuartermileAlleyA quick black and white sketch from a favourite area of mine for sketching.

Quartermile is the marketing name given to the mixed use redevelopment of the former Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh site,  overlooking The Meadows. Now home to many luxury apartments and swanky restaurants the area is a mixture of stunning modern architecture and equally beautiful original Royal Infirmary buildings.


This and the park in close proximity makes the area a great place to sketch. In this one I havve caught the old on the left, the new on the right and in between the park and the trees.


Quartermile website


Stitched sketch; day 1

StitchedCaltonHill1aLast night I made a start on my first stitched sketch. It’s a leap in the dark for me and one which may not work out, either because of not looking how I imagine or taking too long to make, thus making it too expensive to recreate and sell.

It’s a well known view of Edinburgh and one I’ve sketched before and so am familiar with.

I started with a large piece of cotton, roughly half a metre wide and sketched a light outline in pastel pencil. I then cut out rough pieces of darker material to add a layer of colour, creating a 3D texture. Next I stuck each piece down to the main background piece.

The above photo is how it looks now before the final stage of stitching my sketch over the top.

I’ll let you know how it goes.


WhereArtI #0018

One of things I love about Edinburgh is the ever changing look of out high streets, the wee shops that spring up and perhaps sadly disappear all too quick. Which means whenever I travel along Leith Walk/Morningside/Stockbridge/etc I’m always noticing new shop, restaurant or cafe fronts with signs saying ‘opening soon’.
This shop is undergoing a transformation, I think from a hairdressers into a bakery or cafe. Can you tell me where it is situated?
As ever tag your answers with #wherearti and look out for clues if needed on facebook and twitter later. Good luck Edinburgers!