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Happy New Year to all the revellers

As visitors flood into the city for the world famous Hogmanay celebrations tonight, I will be taking it easy this year.

Here is a sketch from the Mound, looking down through the trees and railings over to Princes Street. The hoardings are up to advertise the upcoming New Year Celebrations of Edinburgh’s Hogmanay.

This year the Sketcher Twins are 8 years old and for the first time we will be bringing in the New Year all together and awake! We are having a house party with a few friends who all have children of similar ages so it should be fun.

What ever you are doing tonight have a fabulous time and I wish you all the very best for the year ahead. And many thanks for your support through 2019 😉

Edinburgh’s Hogmanay website.

Edinburgh’s funfair festival

NewYearMarketStMore lights and sounds, thrills and wonder squeezes into Edinburgh city centre for Hogmanay 2014

You may be forgiven for thinking Edinburgh’s city centre was already full of thrilling rides and attractions for Edinburgh’s Christmas, but in the past couple of days the familiar site of Market Street lit with fairground rides and excitement can be seen leading up from Waverley train station to the Mound.


A pendulum of thrill seekers swings out towards Princes Street


A pendulum of thrill seekers swings out towards Princes Street Gardens as one ‘lucky’ reveller looks to be ‘catapulted’ into the night sky in what looks to be a large ball on bungee rope!


I admit I felt quite jealous of those arriving in the city for Hogmanay, it must be like landing in a magical land of lights and attractions, surrounded by stunning architecture and beautiful scenery.


My sketch was drawn on location, and coloured digitally later.