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Valentino Rossi commission

RossiSketch_ColourValentino Rossi, one of the most successful motorcycle racers of all time is the subject of this recent EdinburghSketcher commission.


Good morning. Last night I showed you a close up of this sketch and asked if you knew who it was. Here is the full version. I love the cross-hatch shading, I find it very therapeutic and relaxing. I used ot doodle a lot and shade shapes, a cube, pyramid and sphere. I never knew the practice would one day make me a few quid 🙂


If you would like a commission created then prices start at just £48, drop me an email for more information contact@edinburghsketcher.com


The sketch is in black ink with a water colour wash. The black only version is seen below, I can’t decide which I prefer.



The Valentino Rossi official website


Top of The News Steps in Edinburgh

StGilesStreet_colourThis sketch I drew on the way into work yesterday, I was a little early so took a detour up The News Steps, which climb from Market Street near the Waverley train station up to St Giles Street just off the Royal Mile. 


I sat out side the lovely looking Broadsheet Bistro, which is part of Fraser Suites, a luxurious holiday and rental apartment building. Thanks to the Bistro staff for letting me sketch from their pavement chairs!

The view from the News Steps is glorious, over the North Bridge to Calton Hill and worth another visit to draw. I liked this one though, the lush greens behind the iron work of the railings and stair hand rails.

I’m not sure why they are called ‘The News Steps’ but with the addition of the ‘Broadsheet’ Bisto, perhaps there was a Newspaper produced here? Can anyone tell me?


The sketch is in black ink and then coloured later digitally.