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Morningside sunshine on this coffee shop

My latest #supportabusinesssketch is for Blackwood Coffee, at 235 Morningside Road. A number of people have suggested this one for their fabulous coffee and yummy scones.

This week many cafes have welcomed back people indoors but during the lockdown Blackwood Coffee continued to serve from their doorway to locals on their daily walks.

These drawings in pencil and watercolour are to say thank you for keeping us all going during the pandemic 😊👍 Often a walk for me needs a destination, and a good cup of coffee to enjoy on the return leg will do nicely.

So drop in if you are passing, and give a little back to the small businesses that are keeping us going. Also let me know by commenting below if you have a local trader who is keeping your spirits up during the pandemic.

Blackwood Coffee, facebook page

Time I sketched this Morningside landmark

This is the Morningside Clock which now sits at the bottom of the road heading South out of the city.

I often drive past this clock heading south and when I pass it on the way back I know I am home.

The clock stands outside the now unused Morningside Railway Station, which opened in 1884 and closed to passengers in 1962. Originally on an island in the middle of the junction the clock was moved to the side of the road a few years ago.

This sketch was drawn from a photo I took recently, and drawn in ink and watercolour wash.

Trip to the cinema

DominionCinemaColourI went to the cinema yesterday, and saw a stunning, stylish, seventy five year old classic.


I didn’t actually enter the Dominion Cinema, I was there to sketch only, although I expect the interior is just as beautiful. Edinburgh’s only family run independent cinema, the Dominion theatre was designed by architect Thomas Bowhill Gibson and has stood in the heart of Morningside since 1938.


Sketched with black fine liner and coloured using Letraset markers.


  • The Dominion Cinema website

WhereArtI update

WAI091213bWell done all who recognised this estate agent on Morningside road. It’s a little easier now I have put the name back on.


It’s such a beautiful building, I love the clock. I noticed there are a lot of clocks on the outside of buildings in Edinburgh, handy to know where when your phone is needing charged or you’ve forgot to put a watch on.

Anyway I don’t think anyone told me ithe buildings current occupants: Alba Residential. On Google street maps it still has Charles White, which a few of you said.

So, the points are fairly relaxed this week, 3 to 0apropos, 2 to Frances Mitchell for her rough description! and the final point for Lesley McLean.



  • Alba Residential website