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Looking to the night sky

The recent #WormMoon which has been distracting me the past few nights.

I used binoculars to follow its path across the night sky tonight, so beautiful, so amazing to see all the creators and markings. How amazing, and terrifying it would be to look back at earth from up there.

Thanks to friend Katie, or Ktp_kaptures who has steadier hands than I and caught the amazing photo I sketched from.

When the Moon came to St Giles Cathedral

Last week a brand new festival celebrating Scottish Culture from Burns to present day ran a number of events across the city.

One such event saw a huge (7 metre) illuminated moon seemingly floating between the arches of St Giles Cathedral.

The installation by artist Luke Jerram was amazing to see, being so large and in such an unexpected loaction. I loved it as did all the people walking around it at the weekend when I visited and made this sketch.

Congratulations to all involved this event certainly got people talking and I could see all generations were enthralled to see the ‘moon’ up close.

Burns & Beyond website.

Luke Jerram website.

Sketches from Scotland’s partial eclipse

SolarEclipse_2015This morning there was an eclipse of the sun with people all over the world hoping to see the rare event.

Although in Scotland it was a partial eclipse creating a dusk like darkness in Edinburgh, other areas around the world were plunged into darkness as the Moon came between Earth and the Sun.


(Surprised to see clear skies) I hastily pricked a hole through a piece of card so I could see the resultant crescent shaped highlight in the shadow of the card. I realise now the shape created within the cards shadow was a reverse of what you would see if looking directly at the sun, but was much safer.


I traced over the shape created on my pad at different intervals to create the doodles above. Even in times of global chat and video links it was very exciting to think millions of people were watching a variation of the same event all around the world.


Learn more about the eclipse at the BBC News link below, and if you missed this one there will be another in August, 2026.


BBC News eclipse coverage

Morning moon

It was still darkish, or just getting light 😉 when I left the house to catch the bus into town this morning.

As I reached the stop I noticed the moon, just a slither of a crescent shining through the trees in front of the houses opposite. So out came the pen and paper. The sketch to the left is my second attempt, which I drew from memory on the bus. The first is below, I decided to start again as the moon was getting a little lost.

I thought it would be interesting to see my roughs though too!