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Coffee haven

Back to normality today, and into work as we start to get back into a routine. But as we are still visiting Sick Kids daily for now I’m sure we will be popping into this cafe from time to time.

Victor Hugo Delicatessen is situated just around the corner from the hospital, and the nearest place we found to get good coffee. The home cooking is great too, if you don’t mind a bit of a wait, as a sign reads, ‘We don’t do fast food‘. However with views across the Meadows park it’s a great place to wait.

Old and new

I have been spending some time at Edinburgh’s Royal Hospital for Sick Children, or Sick Kids recently as my wee boy recovers from a bump to the head (All is going well, thanks). Across the green space that is the meadows there is a cycle and walk way that climbs the hill from the park towards Lauriston Place, through what used to be the Royal Infirmary.

My sketch shows the new development, including a Starbucks, and the old Infirmary buildings on the right which I presume are being developed into flats?