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Sunshine on the Meadows

I met a client at Summerhall the other day and had to walk through this gorgeous park at its best, full of colour just now.

This watercolour was drawn whilst leaning against a tree in the Meadows park, on the South side of Edinburgh and just over the road from Edinburgh’s Childrens Hospital.

The sun was still just peeking over the rooftops behind me and shining through the thick trees causing great dark and light streaks across the playing fields.

The many paths that run across the park can be seen with each layer of colour. I didn’t capture the colour I wanted but will have to return and try again soon. Before the colour has fallen to the ground.

Afternoon reflections on Edinburgh windows

treerefelctions1Yesterday I was near to the Meadows park in Edinburgh’s South Side when I noticed the beautiful reflections on the tall tenement windows.

As the sun began to set over Edinburgh’s central park, the houses that run around the edge shone with a beautiful gradient of colours, with dark angular shapes showing the mighty trees hanging on to their final leaves.

Often wen sketching, knowing when to stop can be a difficult task. An over worked line drawing can look too dark, messy and leaving the white areas can be just as important as marking the dark. Adding colour can be the same, often I add watercolour to the whole image only then wishing I had left more white to show the contrast.

So on this sketch I asked social media, should I add colour to the sandstone or leave the sketch with only the window panes coloured?

If was a close thing with the ‘leave it like it is’ option winning 22 : 18.

So here it is once scanned. I like the fact the windows are highlighted by being the only part coloured in, sometimes it is good just to step back from the picture and leave it for a while. You can always come back to it later.

This sketch was drawn on location with a 0.3 fineliner and watercolours.


Splendid sandstone architecture in Edinburgh’s Southside

marchment-crescentI stopped at the junction of Marchmont Crescent, Marchmont Road and Spottiswoode Road to sketch this view.

Last week  I took a drive through the city to Marchmont, an affluent residential area of four story tenements to the south of the city, separated from the Old Town with the Meadows Park.

The area is stunning when seen in strong sunlight and even better when that has a dark stormy sky in the background contrasting against the sparkly buildings.

This drawing was created on location in an A5 sketchpad, with pen and watercolour using my watercolourbrush.


Autumn in the Meadows park, Edinburgh

MeadowsAutumnThere’s a wonderful show of colour currently in Edinburgh, as Autumn waves a magic wand over all our trees.

Everyone should take a walk through the beautiful colours of the Meadows park just now as October runs into November and the Edinburgh central park runs from green through bright yellows to vibrant oranges and deep dark reds.


I tried to capture a few of these colours this afternoon with my watercolours, but to be honest similarly to taking a photograph, the reproduction is a poor relation to the real thing.



Looking Glass Books for a wee afternoon treat

Cakes_LookingGlassBooksIt’s a beautiful day in the capital and I’m hoping for a sunny walk in the Meadows followed by a tea in Looking Glass Books


Just off Middle Meadows Walk, which runs from Teviot Place down into the city centre park is a wee haven of a cafe/book shop which is well worth a visit.


Their many varieties of tea all come with a sand timer so you know exactly when your cuppa is at it’s finest. Drop in for a moment, nibble on some delicious baking, look through the fine selection of literature and take a deep breath. Life is good.


Oh and you can buy Edinburgh Sketcher merchandise there too 🙂 The sketch above is of their counter top selection of baking.


Looking Glass Books on Facebook


Help Tupiniquim, the Brasilian crepes police box

TupiniquimI’m a passionate supporter of independent retailers in Edinburgh and love to promote and spread the word of these treasures that make our high streets unique.


For a while now I had wanted to sketch Tupiniquim, the police box selling Brazilian crepes and delicious, healthy fruit juices at the top of Meadow Middle Walk after passing it many times. This week it jumped to the top of my ‘to sketch’ list however after I heard they may have to sell up.


After four years renting and transforming the ex police box into a foody favourite, the owners now want to sell up, placing Tupiniquim in jeapody unless they can raise the funds to buy the Edinburgh land mark.


Not just a healthy food and drink haven, the kiosk also transforms into a stage for performers and a screen for open air cinema nights.  I love the diversity and ideas that the Tupiniquim Family have, and want to see what else they can do in such a great location.


So please head to their Kickstarter page, link below, to pledge what you can and watch a video from Tupiniquim. They only have a few days left but are already almost at the half way point.

I wish them all the best and hopefully this will have a happy ending, Edinburgh needs these self built, original and inspiring businesses to succeed.


Tupiniquim website

Tupiniquim Kickstarter page



Quartermile, Edinburgh continues to develop

ProjectQuartermileThere is a new restaurant opening up in the heart of Edinburgh, within the Quartermile development, once the Royal Infirmary Hospital.

Now a mixture of old and new architecture, the area is really coming to life as more businesses move in to the vibrant area just off the Meadows park. It is a favourite place to sketch for me as there is a real mixture of buildings, stunning old stone work and striking walls of glass which create great reflections plus the greens of the park in the background.


This sketch is from the square one block back from Meadows Walk, which is fast becoming a foody hotspot in Edinburgh’s South side. The new restaurant will sit in the middle of this block over two floors and include an outside bar and seating within the square.


Currently known only as ‘Project Quartermile’ there has been plenty of buzz around the restaurant opening online. The official name and branding will be revealed tomorrow, Friday 6th June. I’m looking forward to seeing the building finished, and enjoying a little alfresco dining in Quartermile square.


Quartermile website

Follow @ProjectQM on twitter





Added colour to a walk in the Meadows

WalkMeadowsA quick sketch from Edinburgh’s city centre green space with added digital colour.


I had a lovely if chilly walk through the Meadows park today on the South side of Edinburgh. Long tree lined walkways criss cross the city centre green space. It’s a great place to idly wander in the peace and quiet.

Just remember to stick to the pedestrian side of the main North/South thoroughfare through the park, a near collision from one of the cyclists on the other side soon woke me from my daydream!!

Deli-lightful :)

VictorHugoInteriorSorry 🙂 but I love Victor Hugo’s delicatessen and coffee/cafe shop on the South side of the Meadows.


I was back to sketching in the city today after my holidays. I could easily spend my days sketching in coffee shops, and very happy I’d be too.


This is Victor Hugo, a place I sketched once before from the outside, HERE, but today I was tucked away in a booth watching the staff make lattes by the deli counter.



  • Victor Hugo’s website.