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Stormy clouds Over Granton Breakwater

Threatening skies over Wardie Bay yesterday afternoon. I don’t think the wet weather is done just yet.

Amazing downpours in Edinburgh the last few days with devastating results for many businesses and homes being flooded, so I do hope you are all doing well.

Last night the waters were calm along the Granton breakwater when my family and I took an evening stroll. The skies were saying more rain is coming. Hopefully it blows past and the worst is over. I heard over half a months rainfall fell in just 30 minutes on Sunday afternoon.

Good for the garden though I suppose, and the ducks 😉

This sketch is available as a print here:
Stormy Skies print on Etsy

Wardie Bay

A family walk down the front at Granton and the small beach which lies between the break water and Granton Harbour.

I live just up the hill from here and have often wanted to sketch the colourful houses which line the curved road, looking out to the Forth.

This drawing I drew during the lock down due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and so took a photo and worked on it form home.

You can see a timelapse of me sketching the piece below, and if you would like to buy a print or the original then get in touch. Prints start at £18 and the original which measures approx 240mm x 180mm is £45.

A speeded up version of my sketch being created