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Make a lovelist for the Muir Maxwell Epilepsy Centre.

LoveListsMMECThe MMEC in Edinburgh researches epilepsy and the causes of the condition in the hope of finding new treatments and prevention strategies.

St Valentine is the patron saint of epilepsy and until the 14th February the MMEC have asked members of the public to list five of their most loved things. Using the hashtag #lovvelistsmmec photos of the lists can then be shared on social media, raising awareness of this tragic condition.


The list is five items long to highlight the fact that five out of every one hundred people will have an epileptic seizure at some point in their lives, a shocking statistic.


Take part by listing, or sketching as I have done, your love list and posting it online with the hashtag #lovelistsmmec. You can also donate two pounds by texting MMEC14£2 to 70070.


Can you name my five love list items?!


Muir Maxwell Epilepsy Centre website



Love is in the air in my latest sketch from my imagination series.
Still hauled up in the Western Hospital and with little inspiration I am enjoying exploring my head for scenes to sketch.
I thought this would make a nice card, perhaps with a little colour added to highlight the birds and the tree.
I like the birds and am imagining them in their own wee comic strip. Hmmm