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Social distance sketching

Catching the ques in watercolour outside the shops in the sunshine.

With the shops beginning to open again after Lock Down there is lots of queing to be done as we still need to keep our 2 metre distance from each other.

Today I was queing outside a DIY shop in Craigleith, Edinburgh and while standing in the sun caught this view of the people in front of me.

I only had a limited pallet as I ran out of water to rinse my brush but I quite like the limitations, and how that causes colours to link to each other and make the piece more illustrative.

Remember to use your queing time well, dont get frustrated and instead accept that this is how it is for now, and why not doodle your time away!

Edinburgh Skyline in Rainbow

My lock down influenced rainbow sketch of Edinburgh’s iconic skyline.

I had previously added a rainbow to my Leith Shore print, which you can see HERE but for this week thought about drawing a sketch from the start with rainbow colours.

This view is the iconic capital skyline featuring Edinburgh Castle and the clock tower of the Balmoral hotel on Princes Street.

I started with a pencil sketch of the skyline and then from that top edge drew a block of watercolour down the page.

After leaving to dry I then started added darker washes of each colour to pick out the shadows in the photo. With each darker layer the painting gained more depth.

You can currently buy the original painting which is 297x210mm for £150, which includes recorded delivery. Plus 20% for this sale goes to the NHS Lothian Covid-19 Appeal. More info HERE

Also you can buy prints from £20 from my Etsy shop HERE, with 10% from all print sales of this piece going to the NHS Lothian Covid-19 Appeal.

Princes Street during the 2020 lock down

During the second week of the current Covid-19 lock down I cycled through the city and took some photos of the empty streets.

The images are so strange, especially as it was a glorious sunny April day in the capital and yet the streets were empty. There was an eery quietness to the city, you could hear the birds and the steady hum of the tram, still running along a desolate high street.

I sketched this from home and tried to capture the still, quietness I had witnessed. Below you can see a time lapse video of my drawing coming together.

I am taking part in the #artistsupportpledge to support fellow artists who have lost income due to #covid19. I will be drawing Edinburgh lock down scenes, each will cost £200 each and when I have sold £1000 worth of work, I pledge to spend £200 on another artist. Please message me if interested in buying this piece.


My Princes Street Lockdown sketch, with haunting music to match the scene from @talkingknots 😊

‘Princes Street Lockdown’
Ink and watercolour, 300x150mm £200.
Artist: EdinburghSketcher
Email to purchase: contact@edinburghsketcher.com

Music: ’Flowers’
Artist: @Talkingknots and @Hennessy_tk
Listen to more via www.actoftelling.com

Board game lock down

As we enter our 5th week of lock down I think we may need some new board games to play.

Today it was Monopoly in the Sketcher household and recently we have been playing lots of board games. Snakes and ladders, drafts and ludo have been battled over this week.

I do love a family board game and its nice for us all to spend some time together without looking at a screen.

I may need some more to get us through the lock down. What’s your favourite family board game?

This sketch was drawn with a brush and ink which is why it is a little darker than usual, a tricky medium but one I will persevere with 🙂

Giving thanks during the lockdown

Rainbows bring colour and hope to neighbours windows during the Covid-19 pandemic.

During the current Covid-19 lock down when everyone stays at home apart from our daily walk for exercise it is wonderful to see so many rainbows in peoples windows.

I think the rainbows in windows idea started as a fun game for children to spot the decorations on their daily walks but has now become a way of saying thank you to NHS staff and key workers who our going out to work, putting themselves at risk to look after those who need care.

When I am out on my walk with my family I know the colourful windows really lift our spirits during this strange time when a lot of what we take for granted, like seeing loved ones and having a day out are no longer possible.

I wanted to capture a few of these with my sketches and put them up on my virrtual window, for a lot more people to see. I will try and do a few more and I hope you like them and they make you smile 🙂