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Princes Street during the 2020 lock down

During the second week of the current Covid-19 lock down I cycled through the city and took some photos of the empty streets.

The images are so strange, especially as it was a glorious sunny April day in the capital and yet the streets were empty. There was an eery quietness to the city, you could hear the birds and the steady hum of the tram, still running along a desolate high street.

I sketched this from home and tried to capture the still, quietness I had witnessed. Below you can see a time lapse video of my drawing coming together.

I am taking part in the #artistsupportpledge to support fellow artists who have lost income due to #covid19. I will be drawing Edinburgh lock down scenes, each will cost £200 each and when I have sold £1000 worth of work, I pledge to spend £200 on another artist. Please message me if interested in buying this piece.


My Princes Street Lockdown sketch, with haunting music to match the scene from @talkingknots 😊

‘Princes Street Lockdown’
Ink and watercolour, 300x150mm £200.
Artist: EdinburghSketcher
Email to purchase: contact@edinburghsketcher.com

Music: ’Flowers’
Artist: @Talkingknots and @Hennessy_tk
Listen to more via www.actoftelling.com

Working from the bedroom during the lock down

Now in our third week of restricted movement here in Scotland and I am sharing today’s work set up as I hide myself away in the bedroom to get some work done.

Lying in bed with the laptop on my knee I am trying to keep some order to the days and make time to get work down as my wife spends time with the kids.

This afternoon we will swap and I will be building cities out of lego 🙂