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75th Edinburgh International Festival launches

This morning I was down at Commercial Quay to capture the launch of this years festival and anniversary flag.

Scottish Ballet principal dancer Marge Hendrick posed holding the flag above her head as press photographers clicked their cameras and I scribbled the scene.

It was cold in the capital though so I do admit my hands went numb and I added the colour back in my car!

The festival, which celebrates 75 years of bringing culture from around the world together will kick off with a joyful celebration of Australian and Scottish culture: Macro – A fusion of circus, dance and music which will be a free event at the BT Murrayfield Stadium on Friday 8th August.

Other highlights include The Pulse, which is a mixture of acrobatics, choir and live orchestra that sounds jaw dropping. And of course Burn with Alan Cumming exploring the true character of Scotland’s national bard.

There will be so much to choose from and I cannot wait, I need the buzz of the festival this year, and I am sure I am not alone. The city full of artists from around the world, all excited to perform and city visitors all eager to see them. So exciting, welcome back Edinburgh International Festival.

Booking opens to everyone at 10am on Friday 8 April, and you can book and find out more about the full programme via the EIF website here.

Edinburgh Science Festival launch date

This week I was at the Edinburgh Science Festival press launch and as it was half term, I took along the Sketcher Twins (now aged 7).

To mark 50 years since Neil Armstrong became the first person to set foot on the moon, this years festival which runs from April 6th to 21st takes Frontiers as its theme.

In science to push the frontiers of knowledge must be an everyday occurrence as more of the unknown becomes known in all aspects of life.

And after an initial look at the programme of this 31st Edinburgh Science Festival shows that the frontiers of size have certainly been pushed with a huge number of events planned in both familiar and new locations around the city.

Being half term I thought the Sketcher Twins could come along and they were glad they did so when presented with an ice cream seller making fruity deserts using dry ice and a mixer. The blast of smoke and resulting sorbet topped with popping candy made for quite a spectacle.

I was very impressed with my mini sketchers drawings from the following auditorium talks too, both ST1 and ST2 were so well behaved and sketched as I did, whilst listening and watching highlights of the upcoming festival.

Below are their drawings from the morning, although I am not sure where the digger came from!

I look forward to seeing as much as possible with my kids, who are already circling events to go see in the programme!

For more details see the full line up of events here:

Edinburgh Science Festival website