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Plans change

I am a great one for writing lists, planning things out and crossing them off., but sometimes things change.

January can feel a little anti climatic after the frenzy of December, and the rush to finish commissions and make deliveries.

And then suddenly its Christmas and everything stops. You have time to breath, have family time and relax, the last of which I always have difficulty doing.

And then before you know it the month is over, and you I have a feeling of missed opportunity, a nagging ‘You should of used that down time more productivity’, which I know doesn’t make sense!

I had plans to create new works, make contact with new people, learn new mediums to add diversity. But now the routines are backand I need to get back to making money so the list has changed a little with those things going on the back burner for now.

I know how lucky I am to turn a passion for making art into my business, but it can also be tough knowing that what originally made me relax is now my work. I feel like I should switch off more but when I do I just want to draw!!

Let me know if you find this too or is it just me… 🙂

A wee beastie sketch for Robert Burns

National poet of Scotland, Robert Burns was born on this day in 1759. Here I have sketched a personal favourite of his poems, ‘To A Mouse’.

Starting with the famous words ‘Wee, sleekit, cow’rin, tim’rous beastie’, the ploughman’s tale tells of a mouse’s nest which is destroyed by the plough, leaving the tiny creature vulnerable to the harsh winter despite her careful planning. Burns notes how like the mouse, man’s best-laid plans often go awry.


My sketch is in black ink with a little watercolour on the mouse. I may make it into a tea towel or framed piece on canvas. What do you think?


For more information about Robert Burns, who wrote many world famous poems, including ‘Auld Lang Syne’ and ‘A Red, Red Rose’ follow the links below.


And be sure to raise a glass to the Baird tonight, when you settle down to your haggis , neeps and tatties.





Robert Burns website

Robert Burns National Trust for Scotland