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First frost on the Harbour

This morning I saw and sketched as the ice melted away in Granton Harbour

On the school run the kids and I noticed how the masts of the boats were all at wonky angles and the water was frozen over.

The sun was strong and although it was bitterly cold I headed out onto the Granton breakwater, a small stone wall in the sea that protects the boats from the strong waves from the east.

Inside the harbour there was a thin layer of frozen water and all the boats and buoys were sitting on top, as if placed there by a giant.

I sat and sketched for about 20 minutes until the water had thawed and my fingers had frozen!

Ice cold Sketching as Edinburgh’s Christmas comes to life

IceAdventure nessie As Edinburgh’s city centre is once again transformed into a magical, colourful and sparkly wonderland for Christmas I visited one of this years highlights on George Street.

There is a huge blue structure at the East end of George Street which is housing some beautiful and very temporary pieces of art, sculptures made of ice kept from melting by a bitterly cold -10degree atmosphere. Life size stags, Vikings and Kelpies line the walk way through a mythical history of Scotland.

I visited as finishing touches were being made to some of the frozen figures and as I quickly removed my gloves to sketch I realised my watercolours were beginning to crystallize!!

IceAdventure horse

Lit  from spotlights all around the watery ice sparkled giving each piece a magical mystical quality, perfect for Nessie.

Tickets can be booked via the link below, do not miss these beautiful sculptures and remember to wrap up warm!

Edinburgh’s Christmas website

This watercolour was drawn in my new ArtGecko sketchbook which combines high quality paper with a hard back cover – perfect for drawing on the go when you don’t have a clipboard to lean on.