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Circus fun in the Meadows

As the festival comes to a close for 2018 I remember a great day at the circus hub.

I was spent a day at the Circus Hub in the Meadows and saw some amazing acts this year. I would say the sketcher Twins (aged 7) favourite was Wolfgang, a clever slapstick acrobatic routine in which two performers amused by tumbling and climbing all over each other.

Although there was proper belly laughs from my two I was a little disappointed in the price difference of just £1 between an adult(£14) and child ticket (£13), especially as they ended up sitting on our knees.

I loved the flamethrowing antics of KittyBangBang, below and…

the spell binding Oliver Smith Wellnitz on the trapeze, below. I sketched quickly as the acts displayed the amazing talents and confidence. It is alway inspiring to see people so skilled and dedicated to their passion.

Unfortunately I didn’t get to see them both perform as part of the rated cabaret show ‘Little Death Club’. Lets hope they all come back next year!

Underbelly Circus Hub website



Get creative this summer at The Arienas Collective

ArienasCollective soapmaking A new collective is launched for Edinburgh creatives wishing to try something new.

Yesterday I dropped in to see the new creative hub that is The Arienas Collective, situated in a delightful Georgian mews house in the New Town.

The collective is a group of local artists (hopefully myself included) and designer-makers who are passionate about what they do, and who believe there is a creative soul within everyone waiting to be released. Run from a central Edinburgh home environment attendees will be encouraged to relax and lose themselves in their creativity, experiencing a wide range of different processes. Such classes as Photography, Screen printing, Sketching, Soap making and Calligraphy.

Running both open classes where people can make friends and grow confidence in their own skills within a like minded group, and also private groups where friends and family can come to celebrate and create,  I think it will be a huge success and I look forward to being part of its growth.


Yesterday I sketched proceedings but will have to return myself to have a go, especially the screen printing and calligraphy.

For more information visit The Arienas Collective website below and book yourself in for a creative day soon, I might see you there!

The Arienas Collective website

The Scottish Soap Works on facebook.