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The WhereArtI answer is… Teviot Row House

WAI_221014_FullThis week’s WhereArtI have a few of you confused, the sketch was a cropped version of the above. The beautiful Teviot Row House.

Built in the late 1800’s it is the oldestĀ purpose built student Union building in the world, opening in 1889. If you haven’t been inside do so, its full of bars and eateries and a great place to grab a coffee and find a cosy seat beneath those huge windows.


Top marks in the quiz to G Johnstone (3pts), Jackie P (2pts) and @CityCycling (1pt)


PS The phone box is long gone now but this was a commission I did for an ex student who remembered it well.

Sketch a memory of Edinburgh

ArthursSeatHouseA recent commission carries memories of Edinburgh over the Atlantic.


This is one of my commissions from the run up to Christmas. A couple who had recently moved away from Edinburgh to a new life in the States wanted a sketch of their flat, along with the stunning view of Arthurs Seat which they were lucky enough to enjoy daily.


In my opinion a drawing can easily fill with emotions, in a way a photo can not. Perhaps through the lack of every detail the mind becomes connected, filling in the gaps and drawing on memories of personal experiences.


If you would like to commission a similar drawing of your Edinburgh memory, or that of a particular house or view then drop me a line and we can have a chat. contact@edinburghsketcher.com


Here is the sketch in it’s new home, beautifully framed…



Don’t mind rain…

… hate drizzle though, like the fabulous Peter Kay might say, ‘It’s that fine rain, that soaks you right through’ . It reminds me of Preston, I like the crazy ‘drop a tun of water in 10 seconds then blazing sun that’ll dry you out just as quick’ that we get in Edinburgh. Not this drizzle, too depressing.

The sketch is the house opposite my window, as I don’t wanna leave the house this morning! Got to though, going to get the wee mans hair cut.