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Aberdeen Architecture – perfect for a workshop

A sketch of the Mercat Cross in Aberdeen

My first visit to Aberdeen and a chance to sketch some of the granite buildings.

I was asked to run a couple of workshops in Aberdeen’s Union Street this month to help raise awareness and appreciation of the wonderful architecture this part of the city has to offer.

A quick sketch of a granite doorway

Known locally as the Granite Mile, Union Street is one of Aberdeen’s main streets. It is the subject of a Conservation Area Regeneration Scheme (CARS), which is providing grants for the repair of historic buildings. CARS also offers opportunities for events and activities that engage people in the history of the street and the wider regeneration objectives.

Which is where I came in, highlighting some of the stunning architecture and details which can really be taken in and appreciated when you take the time to draw a scene.

The Kirk of St Nicholas Colonnade

The workshops were free for people to attend which I really liked, and provided all the materials so people could come and have a go sketching in ink and watercolours, and perhaps see their city centre in a new light.

Hopefully I can work with more local councils around Scotland, offering these workshops to more people.

Find out more about the CARS project in Aberdeen HERE

A watercolour wash of a tower in Castlegate