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From Fringe to Fife


You get fabulous views from the top of the Mound, in Edinburgh’s city centre. Down the curved road to Princes Street and it’s line of shops and through the gaps to the Firth of Forth, and Fife beyond that. Its a stunning view and one that needs to be savoured, taken-in over time… and I’ve found the perfect place in which to do so.


Cafe Musa sits right at the top of the Mound, in between the Assembly Hall and Wash Bar. This sketch is the view from one of their windows over looking the crowds that now fill the square below to see the Fringe shows performing.Their coffee is delicious, as is their tea, and they also serve a variety of sandwiches, baked potatoes etc to fill you up mid Fringe. Plus a bonus for me, they have gluten free cake 🙂


FrederickStTattooSketching on Frederick Street this evening, soaking up the Fringe atmosphere and waiting for my take-away Chinese to be cooked. Suddenly woosh! – these two jets flashed across the skies, and my sketch.


They fly low over every night while the Tattoo is on at Edinburgh Castle, and what a noise they make! 🙂

In the background of the sketch you will see the Tattoo stands, erected each year for the event. If you are visiting the Tattoo have a fabulous time, by all accounts it is quite a spectacle. I’m not sure who the statue is of at the top of the road, can anyone tell me?


This sketch shows a return to my Letraset pens I was using a few months back, much quicker and less fiddley than the watercolour, and more vivid colours.


Below is the black and white version, before I added the colour.


Here we go again !!

fringeprogrammewThe Royal Mile is alive with tourists, the street acts are beginning to fill the air with cries and laughter. And today the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2013 programme was launched.

With more than 2870 shows taking part in this year’s event it is their biggest ever programme, and heralds the beginning of Edinburgh’s Festival season.
These free programmes will soon be in every coffee house/pub/cafe in the city  but today they were a little hard to find, I got mine from the Fringe information shop on the Royal Mile.
For more information, including a digital version to view online visit the Fringe website HERE.