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Colour on the Balmoral

My sketch of The Balmoral looking over the North Bridge, this time coloured with a couple of pencil crayons, and scanned. I have kept two just two hues to keep the image simple, and stylised.

This view shows the rear of The Balmoral hotel, the front opens onto Princes Street. The clocks on the top of hotel all run five minutes fast, thought to be so Edinburgh business men and women don’t miss their trains! I’ve been grateful of those extra five minutes many a time rushing to work.

Pasteled headquarters

This is the HBoS (formally Bank of Scotland) headquarters which stands high above Princes Street Gardens on The Mound. I took my Derwent pastel pencils/crayons with me today to add some colour.

It was a little messy but I like the effect you can achieve by adding a lighter colour on top of a darker one. Blending the two. I will stick with the pastels for a while as I could of spent all day experimenting, if only I had the time.