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Sampling fine wine, food and hospitality at Le Di-Vin wine bar in the West End

LeDiVin_food and wineA relaxing evening learning about wine from an expert, and getting a little tipsy.

We entered the Le Di-Vin wine bar on Randolf Place flustered and stressed,  after I had mistakenly thought we were dining in a similarly named hotel on the other side of the city, resulting in a mad dash across town during rush hour traffic!


But once I stepped into the large hall like room (previously the Oratory of St Anne) and closed the door on the world outside I relaxed. The double height hall with a mezzanine at the rear was busy with small groups standing at the bar, under a wall of wine bottles from around the world. And to the right there were small tables with couples sharing platters of charcuterie and cheese.


LeDiVin_food and wineCROP


We were welcomed by an extremely knowledgeable member of staff who showed us to our table (without mentioning the fact we were over 30 minutes late). He then spent the evening, between serving at the bar and seeing to other diners, describing the wines he had selected for us to try and asking us to describe the subtle, and sometimes not so subtle differences between them.


With the finest cheeses and meats to accompany our wine discovery evening the experience was a huge success, and one I would repeat in an instant. See the link below for more information about the wines and food on offer.


My sketch was drawn later from memory and a few photos I took on the evening, using black ink and watercolour on quality cartridge paper. 


Le Di-Vin wine bar website.


The first coffee of the day. Good morning Edinburgh.


A new and very welcome addition to the studio is this mini cafetiere from Ikea.


Last week while picking up pens and pencils and cushion fillers from the big blue shop with yellow writing (Sketcher Twin 1’s description), I treated myself to a wee cafetiere and some of their medium roast coffee. And surprisingly good it is too.


What’s your favourite brand of real coffee?


Cafetiere on Ikea website



Raise a familiar glass at Christmas

AdocaatHaving not left the house in 48 hours I’m drawing inspiration from the things I see around me. Objects that strangely only appear at this time of year.


Like this bottle of Advocaat, in my opinion a yummy treat of a drink but similarly to Baileys and Port, one that only exists at Christmas and new year.


So raise your glass of your favourite festive beverage and welcome in the new year. All the best for 2014, I hope it’s a great one for you. (and I promise I will leave the house for more Edinburgh sketching soon!)