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Tummy rumbles and sketching doodles

JamesEyes_DobbiesWhen out for a meal we always have pens and paper to keep the kids amused while waiting for our food.

On Sunday we were at Dobbies Garden Centre for a wander and grabbed a bite, or rather lots of bites to eat before visiting the rabbits, hamsters and tropical fish.


Inspired by our trip to the Museum of Edinburgh during the week, and their wax crayon rubbing plaques, we made our own version with lose change. Here are the results, plus a quick pencil sketch of James concentrating on his work.


Two Little Fishies!

Today’s sketch is actually from Sunday when my family and I took a trip out to Dobbies garden centre (Edinburgh) on the  Gilmerton Road. It was the twins, who are now 11 months old, first visit and they enjoyed looking around the aquarium, and seeing the noisy colourful birds and the cuddly looking rabbits.

Although to be honest I think James may of liked dancing to the pianist playing Scottish Ceilidh music even more!

Anyone know what fish these are? I can’t remember 🙂