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Edinburgh’s Cycle Hire Bikes are set to be released across the city

Edinburgh’s cycle hire bikes will be launched on Monday 17th September and last week I got a chance to take one out for a ride around Leith.

Just Eat Cycles, named after the bike’s  sponsor, will launch with 200 bikes across an initial 19 different docking locations across Edinburgh. But this is just the beginning, as Matt McNulty, urban mobility director at Serco told me there would hopefully be 80 docking stations and 1000 bikes available by Christmas this year.

But how do the bikes handle? As a previously keen cyclist I miss using my bike in Edinburgh, when I had a regular commute I would used the bike most days, so it was great to be back in the saddle.

The first thing I noticed was the upright seating style of the bikes, which makes you much more aware of your surroundings, great for having a look around as a tourist but perhaps not the best for getting from A to B in a hurry.

The bikes feel sturdy although they do not come with a helmet so it is up to you if you take your own (as I did) or go without. The three gear system is simple and straightforward and although I didn’t hit the heights of the Royal Mile I’m sure the bikes will get folk around the city without too much effort.

I love the fact each bike has its own name, mine was ‘Heather’ and here is another sketch of her by the Victoria Bridge.

You can hire the bikes by a single, daily or yearly subscription:

£1.50 for a single trip of up to 1 hour – each 30 minutes thereafter is £1 extra.
£3 for a day subscription, allowing unlimited journeys of up to 1 hour each in a 24 hour period.
For £90 you can sign up for an annual membership, allowing unlimited ‘1 hour’ hires for 365 days.

For more information and for details of how to download the app which you will need to hire the bikes, see the Edinburgh Cycle Hire website below.

Edinburgh Cycle Hire website

Records smashed on the old railway this morning

Running Kit May2018This morning I enjoyed a jog along the many cycle paths in north Edinburgh and Leith.

I started the new year with a new exercise routine, jogging a few times a week along some of the old railway paths that criss cross north Edinburgh’s streets, providing a hidden away peaceful and nature filled route along to Leith, or to the West and out the Queensferry.

I started with the excellent Couch to 5k podcast from BBC radio, which guided me through couch potato to 30minute plodder over the last three months. I now use the Nike+Run Club app which tracks my progress with live pace updates and GPS distance counters so I know exactly when I beat my PB like I did this morning 😉

And yes I know I am not going to break any real records, just keeping moving for the entire 5k is enough for me right now!!

The above sketch is of my phone, cap and ear phones. Essential kit. 

BBC Couch to 5k podcast

Nike+Run Club app

A cycle and a sketch in Edinburgh city

Bike_CloseUpShowcasing my EdinburghSketcher merchandise across the city on two wheels.

Today I was delivering merchandise to a few shops, Concrete Wardrobe on Broughton Street, ICE retail in the St James Centre and Looking Glass Books in Quartermile near the Meadows.


I find the best way to speed around the town centre is on two wheels, so I loaded up the panniers and took the racer into Edinburgh. After climbing from the coast to George Street I needed a wee break, so I sat in the sunshine outside the coffee bar in St Andrews Square.


One Americano later and I had sketched this pen and watercolour drawing of my workhorse.

A chilling reminder

GhostbikeToday’s sketch is a sombre scene from the Scottish Parliament. The mist falls on Arthur’s Seat behind two bicycles chained to railings. Both bikes are painted completely, tyres included, white.


The ‘Ghost bikes’ were positioned in front of the Scottish Parliament on Monday morning by a group of cyclists campaigning to make Scotland a safer place to cycle for everyone.

Ghost bikes have been used around the world to mark places where a fatal accident occurred, acting as both a memorial and a warning. The two bikes at Holyrood represent not just the nine people killed already this year on Scotland’s roads, but also the other 28 casualties since 2009.


I love cycling in Edinburgh and one day hope to encourage my young children to do the same. We all need to work together to make it safer to do so.


For more information visit the PedalonParliament website HERE.

Pedal on Parliament

PedalOnParliament2013cThe family and I had a great afternoon pedalling a traffic free route from the Meadows to the Scottish Parliament today to show support for Pedal on Parliament 2013.

Pedal on Parliament is a grass-roots group of cyclists who want to see Scotland become a place where everyone can cycle safely and enjoyably. And who can argue with that? I cycle most days through the heart of Edinburgh and will encourage my children to do the same, it is a healthy and enjoyable way of getting from A to B. I would like Edinburgh and Scotland to be as cycle friendly as possible.

These are my sketches from the day, thankfully the rain held off and there was an impressive turn out. Thanks to twitter cyclist Steven for lending us a twin trailer for the Sketcher toddlers, it was our first time using it and I can’t wait to use it again on the cycle paths around Edinburgh.

My only niggle about the day was that once we had arrived at the Scottish Parliament and listened to the speeches there was no traffic free route back to the Meadows. I wasn’t confident to take the twins on the busy roads back through town and so pedalled back myself to pick up the car. Perhaps next year a return route can be made traffic free too.