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A community shows up

This week I received my booster vaccination, along with many more people in Leith.

As the new variant of the Corona Virus pandemic takes hold and spreads through out Scotland we have been asked to build up our defences with a booster injection.

I was at the Leith Community Treatment Centre and although I had an appointment I was very impressed by the amount of people who had turned up as walk ins, not knowing how long they were going to have to wait, but eager to have their top up vaccination.

The staff in side were lovely too, organising, checking and dealing with everyone speedily and with a smile. Once in I was out again within 20 minutes and left with a glow of protection, and of doing the right thing!

Find out more about where to get your booster here:
NHS Lothian Vaccination Clinics

A cafe at the centre of the Community

This months #supportabusinesssketch is Piecebox Cafe in Polwarth, a pretty place which is much more than a cafe. 

Whilst enjoying a delicious late breakfast with my boy James I noticed just how a vital part of the local are the cafe is. Locals would enter with a welcome shout of their name from the staff which reminded me of Norm in the TV program Cheers.

Chatting to owner Audrey I also found out many of the locals hold birthday parties there and there was a sense this was a way for people to come together and see friendly faces, which they may not of seen for a while recently.

I can see why locals love it so much, and why it was suggested as a great place for me to sketch. Plus it looks lovely from the road too!

These drawings in pencil and watercolour are a way to say thank you for keeping us all going during the lockdowns. Often a walk for me needs a destination, and a good cup of coffee to enjoy on the return leg will do nicely. Piecebox, although not local for me was nominated by a few people recently so I thought I needed to visit.

So drop in if you are passing, and give a little back to the small businesses that are keeping us going. Also let me know by commenting below if you have a local trader who is keeping your spirits up during the pandemic.

And if you would like to send a boost to your local independent business then make a sketch/drawing or painting and post it online with the hashtag #supportabusinesssketch

The Lord and Lady Provost of Edinburgh Community Garden Party

LauristonGarden_soldierOn the 29th July this year I was asked to cover the Community Garden Party at Lauriston Castle, these are my sketches from a lovely evening in Edinburgh.

Bag pipes could be heard along with pops of champagne and laughter as I walked around the beautifully kept grounds which overlook the Firth of Forth and rolling hills of Fife in the distance.


Marques shared the lawn with croquet players offering lessons to visitors, all of which were dressed to impress in summer dresses or military uniforms, plus of course the top hat and tails of the High Constables.LauristonGarden_Provost

Each year the Lord and Lady Provost hold this garden party to recognise and thank the many people who do good for the city of Edinburgh. Amongst those being highlighted were charities as well as youth, community and voluntary groups based in the capital.


I think its great that this exists and hope it continues to do so. I know that a little recognition goes a long way.

All my sketches were drawn on site with a fine liner pen, watercolour set and water brush. 


Lauriston Castle

Edinburgh Council

LauristonGarden_constables LauristonGarden_stage