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Spectacular Sunrises

This week has turned cold in the city, we have had snow and sleet as well as the occasional clear sunny day.

If you were up to see the sunrise you would of also seen some very colourful, but fleeting sunrises. This one on Tuesday I think covered the sky in deep oranges and bright yellows. I had to quickly sketch with my watercolours while eating my cornflakes.

I am glad I did though as ten minutes later it was a dull and grey day 🙂

Edinburgh Skyline in Rainbow

My lock down influenced rainbow sketch of Edinburgh’s iconic skyline.

I had previously added a rainbow to my Leith Shore print, which you can see HERE but for this week thought about drawing a sketch from the start with rainbow colours.

This view is the iconic capital skyline featuring Edinburgh Castle and the clock tower of the Balmoral hotel on Princes Street.

I started with a pencil sketch of the skyline and then from that top edge drew a block of watercolour down the page.

After leaving to dry I then started added darker washes of each colour to pick out the shadows in the photo. With each darker layer the painting gained more depth.

You can currently buy the original painting which is 297x210mm for £150, which includes recorded delivery. Plus 20% for this sale goes to the NHS Lothian Covid-19 Appeal. More info HERE

Also you can buy prints from £20 from my Etsy shop HERE, with 10% from all print sales of this piece going to the NHS Lothian Covid-19 Appeal.

Colour on the castle

Hello all, here is a wee project for your Saturday afternoon – have a go painting with colour only.

This is mine of Edinburgh Castle from this morning, using a water brush and travel set of watercolours I started with a light shade, drawing in the top edge of the castle where it hits the sky. Like a faint silhouette.

Mark in the darker parts of the image adding a little more paint to your brush and let it dry for a couple of minutes before layering another shade on top, filling the darker areas.

Keep layering with different shades until your picture appears out of the mist!

It takes some concentration and keep checking your angles in relation to what you have already drawn, but this process really makes you notice the tonal differences and shapes in terms of colour.

Here is a link to the waterbrushes I use, which are great for working quickly and when you are on location, plus the windsor and newton watercolour sets which again are great for always having with you.

Autumnal symmetry at the Gyle Shopping Centre

The Gyle - WAI041117 EENLast week I was out at the Gyle shopping centre for a meeting and noticed this avenue of colour which separates the shops from the offices.

In the centre is a small sculpture which I thought to be in the form of a plant but thanks to Canmore online I found our it is called ‘Stacked Spades’ which I rather like. I couldn’t find out who made it though so please let me know if you can.

There are a number of sculptures throughout the 90’s development, and with the added colours from this beech hedge make for some beautiful views in an unexpected location.

Drawing made on location in black ink fineliner and watercolour, in an artgecko sketchbook

The Gyle Shopping Centre website.

Have a colourful happy Halloween

Pumpkins Halloween 2017 cropBright autumnal colours in this sketch of pumpkins growing in a field, you know they’re ready to pick when they open their eyes!

I love this time of year, so much colour everywhere, including in my kitchen at the weekend as we carved a couple of pumpkins, which are already collapsing and morphing their cutout images into unrecognisable shapes.
I’m trying to capture that colour with my new Spectrum Noir blending markers, I need some practice but am finding the shading abilities of these pens great fun. I have in the past shied away from markers as I thought they were unblendable and too bold but the subtle shades and vibrancy I achieved with the pumpkin picture has made me think again.
Below you can see the blend achieved on the side of the drawing, plus the pen numbers I used. The line drawing was done with a Spectrum Noir Fineliner 0.8mm.  Pens can be bought in colour ranges and in small or large packs to suit your budget, have a look at the links below for more information and where to buy them.
spectrum pens

Striking colour scheme on Stevenson Road

ES_WAI130317This housing building will be on many a peoples commute to work, I have often passed and admired the colouring of the exterior.

I like a little unnecessary colouring, this building could of been a single colour, or blocks of colour but no. Instead we have half circles and symmetrical colouring. Bravo!

Westfield Court lies to the West of Edinburgh centre, between Stevenson Road and the A71 Gorgie Road.

My sketch was made in pen and watercolour from the Wicks branch opposite.

Added colour to a walk in the Meadows

WalkMeadowsA quick sketch from Edinburgh’s city centre green space with added digital colour.


I had a lovely if chilly walk through the Meadows park today on the South side of Edinburgh. Long tree lined walkways criss cross the city centre green space. It’s a great place to idly wander in the peace and quiet.

Just remember to stick to the pedestrian side of the main North/South thoroughfare through the park, a near collision from one of the cyclists on the other side soon woke me from my daydream!!

Colour for a tree losing its leaves

QueensPark_Tree Today I added colour to this tree, which stands tall in Queen’s Park, Edinburgh and has such a beautiful shape to it.


Yesterday I posted the black and white pen drawing and today this is the colour version. I scanned in the mono sketch and added the colour digitally on the laptop. I love the strong colours you can get this way and the layers you can build up, and take away.

The pen drawing got a be response on line, the simple line drawing appeals, and I think it worked against the autumn leaves which I photographed it on. You can see that photo below.


So how do you like it with colour?