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Christmas stars, strong coffee and perfect pastries, at Victor Hugo

VictorHugos pencil doodleThis Edinburgh deli has been a strong favourite of Mrs Sketcher and I for a long time, ever since we discovered it as a haven of normality when our baby was staying at the Sick Kids hospital.

Almost six years later and we still love sitting in the window looking out over the Meadows as we sip cappuccinos and let our worries fade into daydreams.

Sketcher Twin 1 had an appointment at Rillbank this afternoon and so found ourselves there once again but this time looking through sparkly Christmas stars in the window, and doodling with Sketcher Twin 2. I will miss this place when the hospital moves out to Little France next year, and the views over the ever changing Meadows Park.

Today’s drawing doodled in pencil

Victor Hugos Delicatessen twitter page.

Christmas card success!

Stage 4 on printing my own Christmas card, after being bitten by the screen printing bug at Edinburgh Printmakers.

And the acetate template worked a dream, after some tinkering with the thickness of the paint and trying a roller before making my own ‘squidgy’ out of a 15cm plastic ruler, I printed this Christmas card.

And then I tried a red one, a bit more festive but I like the Scottish blue also. I think it would look great in black too, I especially like the thickness of the paint and the slight imperfections in each one, making them all truly original. The scene is Edinburgh Castle from the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh.

If you would like to order some get in touch here.  The inside is left blank and the card is A6 size, printed on thick art card. All cards come complete with an envelope. Cards are priced at £2.50 each or 6 for £12 and come in red, blue or black, or a combination there of.

Here are links to the printing process in stages, I hoped you enjoyed watching my printing experiment, any questions please use the comment box below.

Stage 1: The original sketch

Stage 2: The template

Stage 3: The learning process




Stage 2

Last night I completed the next stage in printing my own Christmas card – cutting out the stencil with which to print from. After drawing the design I inked it in in black, making sure all the black bits were connected at least on one edge, so that the design stays whole, in one piece.

Next the exciting part, rolling on the paint!

See here for the pencil sketch