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A Leap Day Hot Chocolate with my daughter

Coro_HotChocolateI hope you are all enjoying your extra day of 2016

I spent the morning enjoying a delicious hot chocolate at Coro, the chocolate cafe on Howard Street before heading for a chilly but fun walk around the ever stunning Royal Botanical Gardens.


Being a leap year 2016 has 366 days this year, so enjoy your Leap Day everyone, there is still time to do something special 🙂


Sketch drawn on location in fine liner pen. Coloured with watercolour later. 


Coro, the chocolate cafe on Facebook

Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh website


A triple chocolate chunk sketch

ChocolateBiscuitsThe Sketching Diet: I’m sketching to stop me munching these yummy chocolate biscuits.

Here is a sketch from last night, delicious gluten free chocolate biscuits from Morrisions. If you are Ceoliac or gluten intolerant like I am then I definitely recommend  them.


Unfortunately the sketching only slowed me down, as soon as I finished I went back to munching. But at least I have some left for tonight too!


Morrisons gluten free section