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Climate Change demonstration sees thousands of postcards delivered to Nicola Sturgeon

ClimateChangeYesterday environmental campaigners gathered at the Scottish Parliament to give Nicola Sturgeon thousands of postcards asking for action against climate change.

The postcards, delivered by Stop Climate Chaos Scotland (SCCS), contain personal messages from members of the public, detailing the way things they care about are being threatened by climate change. I wish I could of sketched the above drawing on a postcard to pass on too!


I was passing by the Scottish Parliament yesterday when I noticed the large crowd who had gathered to demonstrate on Climate Change. Musicians were playing, kids running about and there was a happy vibe to proceedings, as representatives from various organisations all campaigning together stood up and said a few words to the crowd.


I like the idea of writing personal postcards from members of the public, rather than just a signature on a petition. I just hope Nicola has the time to read a few of them.


My drawing above is from the other side of the road looking on to the parliament. I liked the reverse showing of the ‘Climate Justice Now!’ banner. Sketched in pen with a watercolour wash. For more information from Stop Climate Chaos Scotland see the link below.


Stop Climate Chaos Scotland website

Holyrood Magazine




Items in my pocket 2

ItemsInMyPocket2A simple sketch turned into a snapshot of life holding dear memories.

Last year on the 8th of October I sketched the ‘Items in my pocket’ which consisted of some lose change, a wax crayon and a butterfly sticker. When I look back that reminds me of a time spent with my toddler twins, who were then 2 years old.


This year’s sketch includes my watch which needs a new strap, a small pencil, an eraser and £3.81 in change. I’m £3.54 up on last year!


If you would like to commission your own snapshot sketch of your pocket contents, or perhaps the items in your handbag or purse if you dare. It can provide a truly original and one off piece of art to remember a day in your life.


Email me at contact@edinburghsketcher.com for more information.


Last years, ‘Items in my Pocket‘ post.