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Gluten free, afternoon tea

Yesterday I was lucky enough to sample the new gluten free Afternoon Tea on offer at the luxurious Scotsman Hotel on Edinburgh’s North Bridge.

As a ceoliac I know the frustration of having my choices limited on a menu, usually having a my selection made by the ingredients used rather than what I feel like eating. There was no such disappointment yesterday afternoon as everything on the pretty three tier tower of delicacies on offer were all free from wheat.

Together with Genius, the company who supply Starbucks with their gluten free bread, the Scotsman Hotel have created a menu wide ranging selection, from the various sandwiches on the bottom deck through the chocolate and ginger cakes right up to the maccaroons on top, and all were delicious, even for my non ceoliac wife.

The hotel itself is gorgeous inside,  I hope to return soon to sketch the interiors. So whether on a gluten free diet or not head along there now for some yummy afternoon bites in beautiful surroundings.

For more about The Scotsman Hotel click HERE, and for more on Genius click HERE.