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Pussy cat portrait

A recent commission of a beautiful cat had me stepping out of my comfort zone, which is always good if a little daunting.

I love how this puddy cat turned out. One of my first commissions of the lock down and as it was a gift I couldn’t share it right away.

Here are a few photos of how it came together, starting with a pencil sketch drawn from a photo, which was emailed to me.

I find portraits quite hard as I think everyone sees their loved ones slightly differently to everyone else, and matching that can be a little tricky. It is always such a relief when a client is pleased!

Once I was happy with my drawing I inked over and rubbed out the pencil marks, before adding a touch of watercolour to pick out the fur.

Finally I added the purple which was a bit of a gamble for me but he needed something to lie on and I like the contrast in the finished piece.

If you would like an original drawing of your pet drop me a line and I’ll send you price details and a few examples. Cheers, Mark ES

Mocha by my side

Inspired to draw a small sketch each morning before beginning my work.

Whilst watching last nights TV – a catch up of the brilliant Grayson Perry’s Art Club on 4od and especially the feature on painter and sculptor Maggi Hambling who starts every day with a drawing to get in the rhythm, I was inspired to do the same.

So here is mine today, Mocha, my muse again. This time in pencil with a wee dash of watercolour. Now to my commissions. Have a great day 😊

I recommend you all catch up on Grayson’s Art Club, fascinating and uplifting.

My cat and I, sitting watching the telly the other night

Moch_on_my_knee The Sketcher cat, Mocha. Not one for hogging the limelight, or even looking at you when sketching or taking a photo.

Mocha is a beautiful tortoiseshell cat, fifteen years old and on the cold nights in Edinburgh she likes to curl up on my, or Mrs Sketcher’s knee.


I love to draw her fur, beautiful colours but also random line work, a change from the ordered straight lines from buildings and architecture.


As she was on Sunday evening as we both watched Shetland together. Very tense we thought it was too.


Sketch is in blanck fine liner with a watercolour wash. If you would like your pet portrait sketched prices start at £65. Email me at contact@edinburghsketcher.com



Mocha 2011 sketch

Mocha 2013 sketch


Rude cat

SketcherCatThis is the sketcher cat, Mocha. Or rather her back as she is currently sat on the bed with her back to me, making a very loud purring noise.

A ‘torty’, Mocha is now 12 years old and has been an ‘indoor cat’ from birth. We picked up her and her sister from Edinburgh’s Cat and Dog Home in 2001. Unfortunately we lost her sister, Pheobe a good few years ago now, she was a poorly cat.

Mocha has seen a few changes though, most notably the arrival of the twins 2 years ago, and has taken it all in her stride. You’ll often find her high on a door top looking down on us all 🙂


Amazing machines when they work, not so when they don’t.

Tonight I’ve been trying to speed up Mrs Sketchers laptop, which is days old and struggling to startup. Fingers crossed it’s running okay now but when the computer says ‘no’ you realise how much we now depend on them.

Like for catching up on Australian soap ‘Neighbours’ 🙂