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The Car In Front

Inspired by recent crazy rainfall we have been having in Edinburgh recently this is a drawing from a photo taken yesterday in the torrential rain as I travelled through the city.

A quick sketch to warm me up before the days work. Often I like to do a speedy doodle in my sketchpad before beginning on commissions. This morning I remembered this photograph which captured the seemingly never ending rain that has been falling lately.

I love the way the droplets of water distort the view, spreading the light and changing the shapes we know so well.

Bonus WhereArtI points if you can name the street I was sitting in!

Rain falling on the windscreen in Edinburgh’s New Town

RainonHanoverAs the rain continued to fall today I sketched from my car.

Sitting looking up towards Hanover Street and Goeorge Street I watched the traffic merging with the pipples of the rain falling down my windscreen.

Shortly after sketching this I realised the rain wasn’t going to stop so made a dash for my destination. I was delivering completed commissions all around Edinburgh, Christmas presents ready to be wrapped and hopefully open once the rain has stopped and the snow has fallen!

Sketch made in my car with ArtGecko SketchPad and new water brushes from Crafter’s Companion

The wee sketchermobile

Micra_ASeatToday I’m zipping around town meeting clients, potential stockists and printers. And all in my nippy wee Micra.

It may not be the coolest of cars, but its cheap to run, great to park and can do 360 degree turns to make an Edinburgh taxi jealous. Here she is parked up on Arthur’s Seat.


I do love the four wheeler sketchermobile, almost as much as the two wheeler version 🙂

Brum brummm

What a day, I can’t wait to get back outside in the sunshine. Just a quick post to show you this recent commission. I have included a couple of close ups below so you can see the detail that goes into my commissions.

An A4 illustration like this one costs £65 mono and £78 in colour. If you are interested in ordering an EdinburghSketcher original then please get in touch HERE to talk it over.

The illustration is in black ink and then I picked out a few prominent colours with watercolour paint.