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big feardy

It was a bit windy today, and still is by the looks of it so I left the two wheeler under the stairs and headed to work via the number 8 bus. One thing the bus gives you is sketch time. I sat right at the front and concentrated on the corner looking out of the window.

Time flies when your wanting just a few more minutes, and before I knew it we’d turned past The Balmoral and onto the North Bridge. Time to ring the bell.

Hearts celebrate

Congratulations to Hearts for lifting the Scottish Cup at the weekend, and commiserations to Hibernian who were runners up in the all Edinburgh final at Hampden. Although I missed the celebratory bus tour through Edinburgh on Sunday I thought I should mark the achievement by one of our teams with a sketch. I found a great picture on flickr taken by Stuart Montgomery, HERE is the original photograph.

Ticket to ride

With my bike still in need of repair I travelled to work on the @on_lothian number 8 bus this morning. I hope to take the bike into Bicycle Works this weekend, thanks @cocteautriplets for the recommendation.

With journey time on my hands I was looking round for something to sketch, and decided upon a couple of tickets I found in my pocket. By the time I looked up again the bus was just reaching the top of Broughton Street. Sketch done.

Enjoy your Friday everyone. 🙂