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Autumn colours from Inverleith Park

Today I had a walk back from the city through the park and picked up a few items to draw once home.

This autumnal still life was so rich with colour and I took my time with the cross hatching catching the dark and light tonal work.

I than added the watercolour wash trying my best to capture the rich hues on show, which changed as the afternoon went on in front of my eyes.

Have a go capturing the wonderful colours that are all around us this month.

These sketches are available as both prints and merchandise and also in some cases as original artwork. If you can’t find a particular item in my shop then you can contact me at contact@edinburghsketcher.com

Autumn arrives in the capital

I may be late to the party but Autumn has caught me by surprise this year. And now my walks are filled with every shade of orange.

This time of year has always been my favourite, I’m a sucker for Christmas and favour a snuggle in front of a warm fire to stripping off in the sunshine!

But mostly I love the colours that envelope our land through the month of September and turn everything a gorgeous burnt shade of orange. I long for a trip into the Highlands or to be honest any close countryside just for a day or a few hours so I can soak up the wonder and inspiration of mother nature.

This may be the first of many crispy leaf drawings ūüôā

These sketches are available as both prints and merchandise and also in some cases as original artwork. If you can’t find a particular item in my shop then you can contact me at contact@scotlandsketcher.com

Sunshine on the Meadows

I met a client at Summerhall the other day and had to walk through this gorgeous park at its best, full of colour just now.

This watercolour was drawn whilst leaning against a tree in the Meadows park, on the South side of Edinburgh and just over the road from Edinburgh’s Childrens Hospital.

The sun was still just peeking over the rooftops behind me and shining through the thick trees causing great dark and light streaks across the playing fields.

The many paths that run across the park can be seen with each layer of colour. I didn’t capture the colour I wanted but will have to return and try again soon. Before the colour has fallen to the ground.

Autumn colours, as best as I could capture them

The beauty of Edinburgh’s green spaces are currently transforming into a wonderful colour show to rival anything our festivals can offer.

Today I enjoyed a peaceful walk along the cycle paths of North Edinburgh, the old railway lines run beneath the roads of the city providing a traffic free and nature filled way to get from A to B.

This mornings walk was full of colour and as I kicked my way though piles of fallen leaves every now and then I stopped to pick up a particular pretty leaf. I like to sketch the leaves this way each year, taking time to appreciate just how wonderful mother nature is.

Once home I arranged the leaves and created this colourful sketch and although capturing the autumn colours will remain my holy grail of watercolours, I am pleased with this years sketch ūüėČ

This sketch was created in the warmth of my studio, with a Uni Pn 0.3 and watercolour brush/pallet. 

Autumnal symmetry at the Gyle Shopping Centre

The Gyle - WAI041117 EENLast week I was out at the Gyle shopping centre for a meeting and noticed this avenue of colour which separates the shops from the offices.

In the centre is a small sculpture which I thought to be in the form of a plant but thanks to Canmore online¬†I found our it is called ‘Stacked Spades’ which I rather like. I couldn’t find out who made it though so please let me know if you can.

There are a number of sculptures throughout the 90’s development, and with the added colours from this beech hedge make for some beautiful views in an unexpected location.

Drawing made on location in black ink fineliner and watercolour, in an artgecko sketchbook. 

The Gyle Shopping Centre website.

Christmas is building, in Princes Street Gardens

Princes St Gardens building ChristmasThis morning whilst walking from the old to new town I noticed Princes Street Gardens is once again busy becoming a Christmas Wonderland.

On a rainy day in Edinburgh with the leaves still changing from green to orange to red is it perhaps hard to imagine the city in it’s Christmas guise, but the season will soon be here.

If you are in town during the next few days you will notice the transformation taking place ahead of the grand opening on the 17th November. Find out more about all the shows and attractions on over the festive period via the link below.

Edinburgh’s Christmas website

Christmas building 2017 Black

WhereArtI 16th October : Autumn Colours in Edinburgh

ES WAI161017Can you tell me where in Edinburgh I have sketched?

If so click the link below to email me your answer. I will pick a random winner from all correct answers on Tuesday morning.

Through October I have 5 pairs of tickets to this years Foodies Festival Christmas event in Edinburgh. Each week the randomly picked winner will receive a pair of tickets. 

Foodies Festival Christmas takes place at the EICC in Edinburgh and tickets allow entrance to one session, either Friday 24th November (17:00 Р21:00), Saturday 25th November (10.00 Р18.00) or Sunday 26th November (10.00 Р18.00). Names will be put on a guest list rather than tickets sent out.

Click HERE to enter your answer

Usually the answer will be within Edinburgh, but on the first Monday of the month the competition is Scotland wide. Keep an eye on my facebook and twitter feeds for clues if they are needed.

I hope you join us to play along and keep looking up and noticing the details and the beauty in the everyday, you never know where I will be sketching next time!

Enter via the link above or email contact@edinburghsketcher.com with the subject line ‘WhereArtI¬†16th October 2017’.

Foodies Festival Christmas website

EICC website

Stunning autumn colours at Liberton Kirk in Edinbugh

libertonkirkLiberton Kirk in the south of Einburgh city is currently awash with gorgeous red ivy. When I saw a picture online I now I had to visit.

Sketching on a beautiful calm and sunny morning I was reminded what lovely spaces church yards are, perfect green spaces through out the city perfect for a quiet walk through the falling leaves of this special time of year.

Almost the whole front of the kirk is covered in ivy which is currently a glorious reddy orange but take a look on the Liberton Kirk website and you will see images of the kirk in beautiful greens during the summer.

I met a photographer trying to capture the colours on show and a friendly nursery class collecting orange and red leaves in tiny baskets to take in to the warmth and make an autumn picture from.

I must do that this weekend with the Sketcher Twins ūüôā

This sketch was made with a 0.5 fine liner and watercolour using a water brush. Drawn on location. 

Liberton Kirk website


Autumn in the Meadows park, Edinburgh

MeadowsAutumnThere’s a wonderful show of colour currently in Edinburgh, as Autumn waves a magic wand over all our trees.

Everyone should take a walk through the beautiful colours of the Meadows park just now as October runs into November and the Edinburgh central park runs from green through bright yellows to vibrant oranges and deep dark reds.


I tried to capture a few of these colours this afternoon with my watercolours, but to be honest similarly to taking a photograph, the reproduction is a poor relation to the real thing.



Autumn sketching for #EdinHour on twitter

Autumnleaves_edinhourLast night I took part in some live sketching online, for 60 minutes during #EdinHour on twitter I posted several photographs of my sketch as it came to life.


As the people at EdinHour explain; ‘#hours are mass chat sessions on twitter on a given subject, virtually always on a regular basis such as ‚Äėthe first Friday of each Month at 8pm‚Äô. They are operated through a specific hashtag ending in ‚Äėhour‚Äô.’


So #EdinHour is all about Edinburgh and each month there is a different subject and list of questions to start the conversation off. Last nights was all about Autumn. I thought it would be fun to draw a sketch within the hour to show my process in stages which a viewer of the final piece would not usually see.


Thankfully I completed the drawing, although I could of done more to it, in the time and the experiment was a success. My final sketch of leaves which I drew from a photo I had taken this week in the Botanics is above. Photos from the different stages, including the initial photo are below.


I hope it gives you a little more insight into the sketching process. I also decided to give away the print to one lucky #EdinHour tweeter last night and that person is Jane Carnall @EyeEdinburgh


edinhourleavesedinhour1 edinhour2 edinhour3 edinhour4 edinhour5 edinhour6


The next #EdinHour is on December 10th from 9-10pm. Log on to twitter and join in the conversation.


#EdinHour website