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Deserted George Square, looking splendid in the morning sunshine.

This is George Square, which during August each year, becomes an important hub for events at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Since lock down and the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has meant a cancelation of all of Edinburghs Festivals in 2020, then this has left othe square looking very empty indeed.

But as I looked round the sun shone down through the trees and highlighted the natural beauty of the park which is often covered or disguised in lights and stages.

Many of the festivals are of course taking place online this year with lots to see from the Book Festival and the Fringe to name but two.

Enjoy the green spaces this year Edinburgh, as the show will be back soon!.

A Blooming Surprise at Assembly Roxy

24 hours ago I didn’t think I would be watching a clown on stage going through an emotional journey about loneliness, hope and love.

But here I am in a dimly lit theatre at the Assembly Roxy in Roxburgh Place, watching the magical, hypnotic Sáras Feijóo tell the tale of a brave soul, on a journey to find love. After receiving an invite to sketch at the dress rehearsal I feel privileged to find out about the show and given an insight into the production and planning of an independent show.



On for only two nights I suggest you don’t miss ‘Blooming Surprise’ at 7.30pm on Fri 12th or Sat 13th December, you will be captivated, perhaps tearful and truly uplifted by the end of the one hour one woman show.  For more information and tickets visit the links below.


Assembly Roxy website

To buy tickets for Blooming Surprise

Blooming Surprise on facebook