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Colourful, imaginative and inspiring: Edwin G. Lucas

Born and raised in Edinburgh, Edwin G. Lucus (1911-1990) is one of the most unique Scottish painters of the 20th century.

For the first time a major exhibition at the City Art Centre has brought together his work from private and public collections.

Influenced by the surrealist movement in the 1930’s he made a number of works in this style but by no means all his work and by looking round the large show of over 60 pieces you can see how his style had changed over the years.

This largely self taught artist was discouraged from pursuing the ‘risky’ profession of artist, instead becoming a civil servant, although he remained prolific painter. I will be running a workshop inspired by the surrealist art of Lucus later in the year, more details can be found via the Museum & Galleries website.

There are some beautifully colourful pieces, full of imagination and confidence which is inspiring. Together with sketchbooks and paint sets, notes and keepsakes, these finished pieces tell the story of this surprisingly unknown Scottish artist. He had a unique and wonderful talent which deserves to be seen and recognised.

Edwin G. Lucus: An Individual Eye runs from 4th August to 10th February 2019. Free entry. 

Museum & Galleries Edinburgh website

WhereArtI : 16th January 2017 : Edinburgh

ES_WAI160117Can you name this Edinburgh architectural detail I have sketched?

If so click the link below to email me your answer. I will pick a random winner from all correct answers on Tuesday morning, and they will go on to the ‘Winners wall’. At the end of the month those on the wall will be entered into a draw to receive a prize.

The prize for January is a set of my new Victorian Edinburgh postcards.
Six separate designs show cycling in the Victorian era, on the streets of Edinburgh.

Click HERE to enter your answer

Usually the answer will be within the Edinburgh boundaries, but on the first Monday of the month the competition is Scotland wide. Keep an eye on my facebook and twitter feed throughout the day for clues if they are needed.

I hope you join us to play along and keep looking up and noticing the details of Edinburgh, you never know where I will be sketching next time!

Enter via the link above or email contact@edinburghsketcher.com with the subject line ‘WhereArtI 16th January 2017’.

Edinburgh Sketcher online store.

Culross Sketching Workshop

sketching3Recently I ran a sketching tour around the stunningly beautiful village of Culross in Fife.

As one of my last sketch tours of the late summer I had been asked to run a sketching and walking tour of Culross by the National Trust for Scotland.

We investigated the burgh’s architectural history through observation and drawing, the accompanying sketchers improving their artistic skills as we discovered some of the hidden architectural gems in this beautiful village which looks unchanged since the 17th century.


The village was a revelation to me, as I hadn’t been before and was blown away by the beauty of its cobbled streets, gable ended buildings and steep winding paths.

If you havent been then you should, it is like being on a film set, and Culross has been used for many different locations in the Outlander TV series in season one and two.


Here are some of our sketches from the day. I can’t wait to return in 2017, hopefully to run another sketch tour. Let me know if you would be interested in attending such a sketch tour of the village.

Culross on the National Trust For Scotland website.


Wedding Sketcher

Capturing your special day in ink and watercolour

Wedding SketcherIt is a privilege to capture such a special day with my watercolours.

As a wedding sketcher I attend the event and move around in the background drawing the details which catch my eye, like the flower arrangements, personal decorations, architectural details and colourful guests!

Slightly nervous at first I always relax into it once the first sketch is done, and soon have a sketch book full of pen and watercolour illustrations which capture the day in an original way.

Key locations or events to sketch during the day can be discussed before hand but I always like to draw the ceremony and venue exterior.

Above are a few of my wedding books which I have printed with all the sketches and some hand written notes for the bride and groom. Originals and prints can also be purchased as part of the tailored service.

A Wedding Sketcher package creates a personal, original memory of your special day, and also can be a perfect present for the bride and groom who have everything!

Leave a message below for more information and I will be in touch, or email me on contact@edinbrughsketcher.com