Wood sketching

I have a new favourite hobby, after an afternoon sanding and burn-sketching this slice of sycamore.

I am practicing for a bigger project coming later this month and trying to get used to making marks with the burner. As I say in the workshops; the more marks you can make the more textures you will be able to capture.

The wood I think is sycamore and below is a photo of it once I added the varnish. It is great fun and I hope to make many more sketches on slices of wood, I love the smell, the feel of the textures and also the history of the tree itself.

This sketch is Edinburgh’s skyline from Holyrood Park. The original sketch I made a few years ago sitting on the hill in the sunshine. Happy memories of an afternoon drawing in the sun, but I never thought I would be burning it on to a piece of wood one day 😊

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