The end of an era

Sadly, we had to say goodbye to the SketcherCat, Mocha recently.

She had been with us for 21 years, half our lives and for the whole of the Sketcher Twins lives who are now half that age. There is a huge hole in our small family and we are struggling through, but it takes time and although she was old and we knew it was coming, the pain isn’t any the less.

I have sketched Mocha many times, she was my faithful sketching buddy.

Since she left I have been sketching a cat a day for a #100catsketches project, inspired by a gift card I received. I thought it was a good way to improve creative character drawing, adding a narrative to my drawings for my picture book work.

I’m posting them on Instagram and Twitter in more detail but thought I’d group them into 12’s on here. So here is the first 12, and the one below is my last one of Mocha, which may never be finished. 😊😺

1-12 of the 100 Cat Sketches Project

13-24 of the 100 Cat Sketches Project

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