A birthday sketch for the Baird

Robert Burns ink sketch

Today’s sketch had to be a portrait of Robert Burns, drawn using ink and a fountain pen

I do have a hundred other things to get on with but I thought I would take a moment out of commissions this morning to make this ink sketch using my fountain pen.

I love using the smooth nib of a fountain pen, although my hands often end up covered in ink.

I also made a small video so was practicing holding the camera and drawing at the same time, but it turned out okay. I was inspired by a couple of videos online to use real time snippets of the drawing rather than a speeded up time lapse as I have in the past.

I think the chopped up real time video shows more of the truthful process, but what do you think?

Enjoy your haggis, neeps and tatties tonight, and remember to raise a wee dram to Rabbie!

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