A cafe at the centre of the Community

This months #supportabusinesssketch is Piecebox Cafe in Polwarth, a pretty place which is much more than a cafe. 

Whilst enjoying a delicious late breakfast with my boy James I noticed just how a vital part of the local are the cafe is. Locals would enter with a welcome shout of their name from the staff which reminded me of Norm in the TV program Cheers.

Chatting to owner Audrey I also found out many of the locals hold birthday parties there and there was a sense this was a way for people to come together and see friendly faces, which they may not of seen for a while recently.

I can see why locals love it so much, and why it was suggested as a great place for me to sketch. Plus it looks lovely from the road too!

These drawings in pencil and watercolour are a way to say thank you for keeping us all going during the lockdowns. Often a walk for me needs a destination, and a good cup of coffee to enjoy on the return leg will do nicely. Piecebox, although not local for me was nominated by a few people recently so I thought I needed to visit.

So drop in if you are passing, and give a little back to the small businesses that are keeping us going. Also let me know by commenting below if you have a local trader who is keeping your spirits up during the pandemic.

And if you would like to send a boost to your local independent business then make a sketch/drawing or painting and post it online with the hashtag #supportabusinesssketch

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